About Us

We’re a diverse team of individuals passionate about finding the best services, products, and software offers in Canada. While we have different interests, we have one thing in common – we’re all easily satisfied with the very best. 

Given the multitude of options out there, it’s not always easy to choose the right mortgage or credit card, or even the right mattress or hockey puck! That’s why we eagerly seek out, evaluate, and review only the best solutions on the Canadian market. Just so you don’t have to.

Rest assured that at Reviewlution, we’ll do the legwork and provide you with top-notch optionswhatever your needs may be.

Let’s revolutionize your choice!

But first, meet the team.

Terry Stancheva

Chief Content Strategist

Sea, good food, yoga and travelling adventures are just some of the things that excite Terry in life. She's a curiosity-driven creature, addicted to SEO, UI design, and everything that makes the Web easier to browse and use.

Her mission as a Content Strategist of Reviewlution is to find the burning questions of our readers and make sure we give them the best answers. By doing in-depth research, she selects and shares only the best products and services.

Anastasija Dojchinovska

Chief Editor and Tech Enthusiast

Having spent 7+ years immersed in content marketing, Anastasija has written on any topic you can think of! The industries and companies she's been a part of have shifted her idea about novelty and new challenges - in Canada and overseas. She always strives to go out of her comfort zone and learn about new topics that grow on her. Tech and AI are among these things.

Writing about these two topics, I’ve caught myself passionately learning about all the ways that technology can impact and help humanity. And with changes happening continually, you have to be actively involved to stay up to date.

Mila Kalajdzieva

Lifestyle Writer

Mila is an English language and literature graduate and a devoted animal rights advocate. Despite her love for the written word, she's a keen observer of the everyday world and an excellent researcher with a bright and fresh perspective.

When she's not doing research, you're most likely to find her out for a walk with her dog or binge-watching a TV show.

Angela Najdenovska

Budgeting and Personal Finance Enthusiast

When Angela combined her deep-seated love for linguistics with her growing interest for finance and money management, she struck a gold mine. She’s scoured the internet far and wide for all things related to money and finances, including payments, budgeting and investing. Now she’s eager to share her knowledge and skills with the world, determined to make it a better place.

In her free time, she loves to read a good book.

Maja Talevska

Trader by day, writer by night

Despite her formal background in linguistics, Maja has always been fascinated by the world of finance. She has spent years and years analyzing the market, including trades, investments, pitfalls to avoid as well as the stock exchange. As of recent, she has been studying some non-mainstream stocks in Canada.

When she's not immersed in numbers, she likes to spend time with her dog and plan her next trip.

Marija Pandurov

Finance Blogger

With an early start in journalism and years of work as a technical translator, Marija felt it was natural to blend the two. Passionate about news and research, she enjoys sifting through the data, researching new currents and the constant changes in our technologically and financially driven lives, as well as presenting the stats and facts to the readers so you don’t have to dig deep on your own.

Biljana Nikolovski

Insurance Blogger

When Biljana first started off her career, she was focused on economics, which was also her area of professional study. However, in time, she started to familiarize herself with the concept of insurance, which instantly struck a chord, allowing her to constantly upgrade her knowledge and eventually become an insurance aficionado.

When she's not writing, she loves to go on hikes and explore various natural surroundings.

Michelle Rendaje

Digital Marketing Blogger

Michelle has immersed herself in the writing world fueled with a curious mind and a fierce love of learning for more than 8 years. Her passion lies in content marketing, digital technology, and current events. She has always such a joy to sift through a trove of information and organize it in a way that helps readers navigate the ever-changing landscape of an increasingly digital and data-driven age.

I’m a firm believer in the saying that information is power, and I seek to put it into good use. We learn together along the way, one step at a time.

Urnesha Bhattacherjee


Urnesha has worked in content writing, editorship, and translation for the last 6 years. Her dream is to be a lifelong learner and venture out of my comfort zone as she does so. She's passionate about access to quality education, animal rights, and sustainability, among other things.

Currently pursuing a master's degree, she has a background in English literature. Her goal is to harness her love of the language and try something new every step of the way.

Toni Maglovski

Gambling and Betting Writer

Toni always had an appetite for learning new things and random facts about almost everything, which is why when he got offered the job to work as a content writer he took it without hesitation. Writing daily took his love for words and research to a whole new level, and made him realize that this is a career he would love to pursue. Although he spends most of his time researching his next piece, you can also find him on the football court, in the gym, or at home with a book in his hand.