When is Canada Post’s mailing deadline for Christmas?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for many of us to spend Christmas with our close ones, however, we can always send cards and gifts to our loved ones and Canada Post is here to make sure that the Christmas spirit remains.


Canada Post was unable to provide all deliveries in time during the first year of the pandemic last year, however, the company guarantees to answer all requests this year in time for Christmas.

The company still warns about potential delays in some provinces, due to increased delivery services, but also highway closures and other changing conditions. Yet, Canada Post pledges to ship all deliveries in time, provided that customers mail in their packages within the deadline.

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As per Canada Post’s official announcement, all customers should make sure to mail in their packages by 17th December, to make sure that the receivers get their Christmas gifts and cards in time. The deadline applies to all provinces, except British Columbia, whose inhabitants are recommended to mail in their gifts and cards by 20th December.

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