How Much Does an Oil Change Cost in Canada? [2024 Guide]

One common question Canadian drivers often ask is, “How much does an oil change cost in Canada?” and rightly so since it’s an essential vehicle care routine.

The answer is: the average cost is around $60 for a conventional oil change and $100 for a synthetic lubricant. That said, prices still vary depending on the consumer’s location, his or her service provider, and the oil type they are using.

So if you are a responsible and budget-conscious driver, keep reading as we review all the factors determining the oil price change in Canada.

Oil Change Cost: Breakdown

Several price components go into the total oil change cost: the base oil cost (varies depending on the oil type), the oil filter used, and the service costs.

So, can an oil change cost $100? Definitely, especially if you are using synthetic oil—costs up to $40 as it has expensive additives for better performance.

On top of which, you have to calculate up to $20 for the filter, plus the shop’s labour rates and markup costs. That said, you can get by with $35 to $60 in total if you buy what you need and change the oil yourself, which may save you up to $100.

Top 9 Oil Change Service Providers in Canada

For a fuller picture of the general oil change costs, we’ve compiled a list of the top service providers in Canada and the fees they charge. However, remember that these prices may vary depending on your exact location and vehicle model.

1. Mr. Lube: Convenience and Expertise

This renowned national car servicing chain specializes in oil and tire replacement services and is present in locations all across Canada, from Toronto and Ottawa to Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver in the west. On average, they charge about $65 for a conventional oil change and close to $120 for a synthetic one.

2. Jiffy Lube: Quick and Efficient Service

As another well-established car service chain in Canada, Jiffy Lube is also present in all of the country’s major metropolitan hubs. They even charge slightly less for their fast and efficient service than their similarly named competitors: $60 and $110.

3. Canadian Tire: Trusted and Accessible

Canadian Tire is a trusted car service provider with competitive oil change prices across their many locations in the country. There, you can find a wide range of oil options, which will cost you around $60–$90 for a synthetic oil change and $30–$60 for a standard one.

4. Midas: Quality Service and Competitive Pricing

Owners of common vehicle models can expect to pay about $70 for a synthetic oil change and $40 for a conventional oil service via their local Midas location. That said, Midas often offers various discount coupons that reduce service costs to a degree.

5. Great Canadian Oil Change: Local Expertise

Many Canadians put their trust in the expert care of the Great Canadian Oil Change service provider, which has over 100 locations across Canada. The average you would pay is around $70 for a conventional and $102 for a synthetic oil change. To bring down these costs, GCOC offers various discounts now and then.

6. Lube City: Comprehensive Auto Care

Situated all across Alberta, Lube City’s locations will take expert care of your vehicle’s needs, including the regular and necessary oil changes. With the $50 for a conventional and the $90 for a synthetic oil change you would pay with them, you may also get additional services to keep your vehicle running smoothly for a long time.

7. Take 5: Regional Presence and Quality Service

Most of Take 5’s locations are spread across Ontario, but there are a few in British Columbia and New Brunswick. To change your oil with them, you can visit them without an appointment on any day of the week and be done in about 10 minutes. You won’t even have to pay a lot: about $40 for a conventional and $70 for a synthetic oil change.

8. Pennzoil: Nationwide Reach and Performance

In addition to producing top-tier car oil products for over a century, Pennzoil also offers oil change services across numerous locations in Ontario and Quebec. On average, customers pay around $55 for a conventional oil change service and over $100 for a synthetic one. However, Pennzoil offers various coupons and specials to reduce the price.

9. Active Green + Ross: Best Option for Torontonians

Operating exclusively in and around Toronto, Active Green + Ross specializes in tires but also offers premium oil change services across 34 locations across the Greater Toronto Area. Once there, you’ll be done in minutes and expected to pay about $40 for a conventional oil change and $70 for a synthetic brand.

Factors That Affect the Oil Change Costs in Canada

Inferring the exact costs for an oil change service is difficult without knowing the customer’s specific circumstances. For instance, in addition to the location and the service provider used, the oil change price is also affected by the driver’s vehicle type, the type of business you use, and whether or not other services are implemented.

As a general rule of thumb, expensive European cars require special car oils that meet additional specifications, so they are the most expensive to service—over $110. SUVs and trucks are also costlier to maintain, with around $100 on the low side. Finally, changing the oil of regular cars costs at least $75 via a service provider.

When it comes to the business type, you are not going to pay the same price via repair chain locations and when using a mobile oil change service—the former offer discounts and can service your car for as low as $40, whereas mobile oil change providers have to come to you, so naturally they are the most expensive option—up to $175.

Prices of Popular Oil Brands in Canada

When choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle, knowing the popular brands and their respective prices can help you make an informed decision.

1. Castrol

As a trusted brand in the automotive industry, Castrol offers a wide range of high-quality motor oils. Their conventional oil is priced between $25 and $35 for 5 litres, while their synthetic oil ranges between $40 to $60.

Castrol’s synthetic oils provide advanced protection against wear, deposits, and sludge, making them popular among vehicle owners who prioritize engine longevity and optimal performance.

2. Mobil 1

Known for its advanced synthetic technology, Mobil 1 is another leading brand in the motor oil market. Their conventional oil is available for approximately $30 to $40 per 5 litres, while the synthetic oil is priced between $45 and $65.

Mobil 1’s synthetic variant is designed to provide enhanced engine protection, superior high-temperature performance, and extended drain intervals, making it an ideal choice for drivers seeking long-lasting engine health.

3. Pennzoil

With a reputation for delivering reliable motor oils, Pennzoil offers a range of products to cater to different vehicle needs. Their conventional oil is priced between $25 and $35 for 5 litres, while their synthetic oils cost between $40 and $60.

Formulated with PurePlus Technology, which converts natural gas into a high-quality synthetic base oil, Pennzoil’s best products are used to get cleaner pistons, improved fuel efficiency, and better protection against wear and tear.

4. Shell Rotella

Shell Rotella is well-known for its heavy-duty engine oils, designed to provide outstanding protection for diesel engines. Their conventional oil ranges from $30 to $40 per 5 litres, while the synthetic version is priced between $45 and $65.

Shell Rotella’s synthetic oils offer excellent low-temperature flow properties, enhanced shear stability, and extended oil drain intervals, making them a popular choice for heavy-duty diesel engines in challenging environments.

5. Valvoline

As one of the oldest and most respected motor oil brands, Valvoline offers a comprehensive range of motor oils for various engines and driving conditions. Their conventional oil is priced between $25 and $35 for 5 litres, while the synthetic one goes for $40 to $60.

Valvoline’s synthetic oils are engineered to provide superior protection against wear, deposits, and high-temperature oxidation, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity for long-distance travel.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, our valuable insights into the oil change costs in Canada will help you get more by paying less the next time you have to change your motor oil. After all, you have to complete this process regularly to keep your car’s engine running smoothly for a very long time. Before doing anything, however, check your vehicle’s manual to learn how often you need to change the oil and which type is optimal for your machine.