How Much Maple Syrup Does Canada Produce?

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We bet you love having your pancakes with maple syrup. Would you like to find out more about that juicy fluid that you regularly pour on your yummy breakfast?

Once people mention maple syrup, there are two associations that spring to mind – pancakes, because they go perfectly with maple syrup, and Canada, where most maple syrup comes from (having said that, we’re quite partial to the occasional Tim Hortons’ Maple Donut ourselves


How much maple syrup does Canada produce a year?

After the rapid growth in the 1990s, Canada now produces more than 75% of the maple syrup in the world. In 2016, it produced around 19.28 million gallons of maple syrup. Most of the produce, about 91%, comes from Quebec. In 2020, approximately 14.29 million gallons of maple syrup were produced only in Canada. 

The exact number of maple syrup that is produced every year fluctuates. However, it can be said that the production has doubled from 5 million gallons in 2018 to 13 million gallons in 2019. So, as an answer to the question of how much maple syrup does Canada produce, we can say that the average number of maple syrup produced is somewhere between 15 million and 20 million gallons per year.

What percent of the world's maple syrup is produced in Canada?

75% is the amount of maple syrup production in Canada produces for the world. Canada is full of forests that have black, red and sugar maples. Also, the daytime and nighttime temperatures resulted in production of clear-coloured sap for creating pure maple syrup.

Is Canada the largest producer of maple syrup?

If you are curious to learn how much maple syrup does Canada produce and if it is the largest producer, here is the answer: Yes, Canada is the largest producer of maple syrup in the world and the majority of the produce comes from Quebec. New Brunswick and Ontario are other top maple syrup producers in Canada.


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