How to Make $1000 Fast? 19 Easy Ways to Make it Rain

Wondering how to make $1000 fast?

Life happens, and one thing that Covid has taught us is that things can change rapidly and unexpectedly.

Here are 19 ways to make quick money and maybe you will turn one of these options into your full-time job.

Let’s go!

Freelance as a Writer

How to Make Fast Money?

Here is a list of side-hustles you can start today. Some of these could be done from the comfort of your home and some require more physical activity, so choose your favourite option.

1. Freelance as a Writer

If you have a gift for writing, you can search for freelance writing jobs. Websites like Upwork or Fiverr offer endless job opportunities for those who want to earn quick money. Broaden your knowledge of SEO, and you’re good to go.

2. Accept Referral Offers Online

Recommend a friend to use a company program, and as a reward, you will receive extra cash to your bank account or a gift card. Some companies like T-Mobile or Direct Energy will reward you with up to $50 for a referral.

3. Rent Your Car on Turo

Do you own a car and not use it that much? Turo could be your solution on how to make money fast. Register on Turo so you can rent and monetize your vehicle, and you can earn up to 90% of the money paid by renters.

4. Drive for Lyft or Uber

If you don’t like the option above, you may opt for driving for Lyft or Uber. Drivers earn about $17 per hour by driving people to their chosen location. Depending on how much time you have, you could make your $1000 in less than a month.

5. Sell Your Unwanted Items in Your Closet or Garage

Do you have clothes lying around that you haven’t worn in a long time? Maybe now is the right time to sell them on sites like Depop or eBay and get rid of them forever. If you have some brand-name tags, you could quickly make money today.

6. Sell Stuff You Don’t Need

Okay, maybe you are too attached to your clothes, but what about unused technology or furniture that is taking too much space or books collecting dust on your shelves? One of the many quick ways to make money is to go to Facebook Marketplace and place an ad for anything you don’t need anymore.

7. Become a Tasker with TaskRabbit

Sometimes people need a helping hand when moving, cleaning or redecorating, and they will post a job ad for that on TaskRabbit. This is a great and fast way to make extra money when you have spare time. You could receive $40 to $100 per task, so those $1000 could be here in no time.

8. Start an Etsy Store & Sell Crafts Online

Do you like making candles, sewing garments or painting? Those are some easy ways to make money right there.

You can now turn your hobby into an extra income by selling your creative arts and crafts on Etsy. The process is pretty self-explanatory; you just need to register, create your store and post your work for the world to see and buy.

9. Try Tutoring

Maybe you don’t have a talent for art. Still, suppose you speak foreign languages or are well-equipped with knowledge about science or literature. In that case, you could tutor students online—register on tutoring sites like or VIPKid to make some quick money online.

10. Rent Out Unused Space/Rent a Room in Your Apartment to Airbnb

If you live in a city packed with tourists and you have an extra room to share, one of the best ways to earn fast money is by renting your apartment on Airbnb. This will not only get you extra cash, but it will help you make some friends and get to know other people and their cultures.

11. Take Online Surveys

Companies and businesses often create surveys to get to know their customers, and they are willing to pay for every survey you participate in. This can be an easy and quick way to make money online. Check out Survey Junkie Canada and Daily Rewards Canada.

12. Get a Balance Transfer Credit Card

Maybe the main reason why you urgently need money is that you are still paying off that huge credit card debt. One of the ways to make money instantly is by getting another card to transfer all of your debts to it.

Check out some of these no-fee credit cards.

13. Sell Unused Gift Cards

If you have unused gift cards lying around, you could sell them for some extra cash. Maybe you don’t need items that are available with your gift card, but instead, you need to get some money fast. Check out websites like GiftCash and CardSwap; both are available in Canada.

14. Earn Cashback When You Shop

Are you a shopaholic and enjoy spending money on food or clothes? Cashback app like KOHO guarantees you a cashback of 0.50% on all purchases, and you can also earn $20 upon registration. Other cashback apps available for Canadians are the Drop app and Rakuten.

15. Pet-Sitting

Some people work many hours and cannot spend much time with their pets. This is your chance to earn some quick money. Search for ads for pet-sitting because people are eager to pay good money for you to take care of their pets. Feeding them and playing with them is in the job description.

16. Learn Graphic Design

With social media and technology on the rise, graphic design has never been more popular. You can earn some fast money online by finding affordable graphic design courses on Skillshare or Udemy, and in a few months, you can start building your portfolio and find your first freelance projects that can provide you with a good income.

17. Save Your Spare Change

This might not be the fastest way to make money, but it will undoubtedly pay off in the end. Try putting some money aside every time you go shopping. Your piggy bank will reward you with $300 every month if you are patient, cut off on unnecessary expenses, and save $10 per day.

18. Negotiate a Salary Increase

If you think that the salary you agreed on when signing a contract will stay the same until you get a promotion of some kind, you are wrong. You are selling your skills and knowledge, and you are gaining more experience with time.

One of the many fast ways to make money is to go to your boss and ask for the raise you deserve.

19. Find a Part-Time Job

You want the easiest way to make money; get a part-time job. If you don’t have the skills to do anything mentioned above or weren’t approved for a salary increase, opt for a part-time job. Jobs like serving in a bar or a restaurant or working as a fast-food attendant are among the most popular, so pick your favourite.

Finishing Thoughts

There you have it; 19 ways on how to make $1000 fast. Not all options might work for you, but we are sure you will find at least one that can get you that extra income you need.

It’s important to note that certain changes in your lifestyle, changing your habits and choosing more affordable options can get you money even faster. So make a list and start planning today.


How to get cash quickly?

We’d say that selling unused and unnecessary stuff from your house can get you cash pretty quickly. If that is not the option, ask a friend or a family member to help.

How to make an extra $1000 a month fast?

Check websites like Upwork or Fiverr that offer freelance services, and depending on your skills, you can do virtual assistant jobs, ghostwriting or design content for social media.

How to make money online fast?

If you are not that skilled, you can always choose to do online surveys; there are plenty of them online.


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