How to Sell Feet Pics? 2024’s Step-by-Step Guide

Who knew there would come a day when people would want to know how to sell feet pics? With times changing and side hustle culture becoming more prominent than ever, many individuals seek alternative ways to make extra money. And who could blame them?

That’s why we went through a lot of foot content to come out with a complete guide for all you feet-pic-selling enthusiasts. We’re diving in with both feet straight away!   

How to Sell Feet Pics in Canada?

Before you bring your feet out in the open, you should ensure you’re giving yourself a fighting chance. Believe it or not, the feet pic industry has a lot of quality competition, so it would be easy for newbies to slip under the radar. 

Tips for selling feet pics

If you want to know how to sell feet pics online and become noticed, check out some of our surefire ways of embarking on this new endeavour. 

Safety is key

Before you begin this exciting journey, you need to take serious precautions. Since your pics will be on the Internet forever, you’ll need to know how to protect yourself from scammers and creeps. Below, we’ll talk more in-depth about how you can avoid getting scammed. 

Choose a platform (or platforms)

You’ll also need to pick your preferred sharing platform to sell feet pics. This can be entirely up to you and depends on the providers you like best. What’s more, you may choose to post your pictures on different platforms, thus increasing your sources of income. We’ll also list the best sites for selling feet pics below!

Invest in a good camera

When taking pictures of your feet for money, quality should be one of your priorities. No buyer wants to pay for a blurry and half-hearted photo. Instead, you can stand out from the crowd by investing in a good camera. It doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive, but it shouldn’t come from Dollar Tree either.

Learn to take high-quality photos

Before throwing yourself in the deep end, spend some time learning how to take high-quality photos. Your image has to be aesthetically pleasing and unique to capture a client’s attention. Luckily, numerous websites offer basic photography courses, so this tip shouldn’t be too hard to fulfil. 

Post photos regularly

It’s no secret that most website algorithms favour regular posting. So by posting often, your buyers can see that you value consistency and won’t leave them hanging after they’ve given you their money and subscribed.

Drive clients to your photos

If you want to make money selling feet pictures, you’d have to promote your blog or platform successfully. You can promote your new business on social media or run some paid ads. And remember, the beginning is always the most challenging part!

Take good care of your feet

Since you’re selling pictures of your feet, you should make sure they’re easy on the eyes. This could mean getting occasional pedicures, changing your nail polish, and trimming your toenails and cuticles. Then, you can invest in foot lotions, scrubs, and masks to ensure your feet are ready for the stage. 

Who buys and who sells feet pics?

Unsurprisingly, one of the first questions anyone asks about feet pics is – who buys them? Well, apart from the obvious, people with foot fetishes, there are numerous other individuals or businesses needing pictures of feet. Some of these include:

  • Modelling agencies looking for foot models for commercials
  • Etsy sellers looking to promote foot jewellery or lotions
  • Artists or painters craving their next masterpiece
  • Podiatry websites offering foot care 
  • Shoe companies promoting their new footwear
  • Publishers and news agencies
  • Stock photo sites

On the other side of the coin, anyone can get into selling feet pictures. The prerequisites are:

  • You’re above 18 
  • You want to earn extra money
  • You have a good camera or smartphone
  • You have Internet
  • You have attractive feet
  • You can get creative with your photos

Where to Sell Feet Pics in Canada?

Luckily, there are numerous websites where you can put your feet pics for sale. Some of these are more difficult to get into, while others only require you to register. Here are your best options:

1. Your own website

One option is sharing your pictures on your personal blog. For some, this means creating a website centred around e-commerce. Plus, you wouldn’t need to give any hosting platforms a cut from each sale. But maintaining a website takes time and resources, so you should weigh the pros and cons. 

2. OnlyFans

As a monthly subscription-based website, OnlyFans provides a passive income stream for many individuals. Selling feet pics on this site can be as easy as creating an account, promoting it, and posting images. The good thing is that clients pay to view your profile first, and then you give them the pictures, narrowing down the opportunity for scams.  

Since this is not your own website, keep in mind that OnlyFans takes a 20% cut from all subscriber transactions. 

3. Instafeet

Unlike OnlyFans, Instafeet is a subscription-based site specifically for pictures of feet. Yet, this is one of the strictest websites (and arguably the most difficult to join) because all applicants need to be approved before posting their photos. Additionally, you must send in a photo ID as proof of identity and post five pics as a start before setting your price.

Note that Instafeet requires a 10% cut from all subscriber payments

4. Feet Finder

Feet Finder is one of the best and most secure websites for selling feet pics online. Similar to Instafeet, sellers need to be verified before posting their pics. But Feet Finder also has a seller fee of $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year. This website automatically blurs your photos, thus offering potential buyers a vague preview before purchase. 

Like OnlyFans, Feet Finder takes a 20% cut from transactions. But, it also offers an affiliate program where sellers can refer their friends to the site, thus getting a 10% commission on every sale the friend makes. Note that the 10% comes directly from the site and not from your friend who made the sale.

5. Feetpics

If you want to sell cute feet pics, this site should definitely be a contender. allows its sellers to set up a page, promote it, collect their payment, and access advice on photography and foot care.

As you can see, it’s an excellent all-in-one host website. Before joining, you can browse through the listings, see what’s most popular, and get ideas.

Finally, to join the site, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $5. Then, you’ll have to pay an additional fee to promote your account on the site. 

6. Foap

Unlike most of the websites listed, Foap is not a specific foot website but rather a generic photography one. Foap makes it easy for sellers to upload their images, and it pushes your photos to buyers who are interested in purchasing. Here, you can enter your feet in “photo missions” and compete for attractive cash rewards of up to $500 per photo. 

If someone wants to buy your pics, Foap takes 50% of the share from the sale, which is the highest cut we came across. But remember that the website also promotes your photos and gives you many opportunities for recognition.

7. Wikifeet

Wikifeet is a salad bowl of different categories, providing a slew of celebrity feet pics, videos, a dating platform, a gift shop, and regular people selling their feet pics. Here, you can sell pictures of your feet and ensure that your information is protected.

What’s more, the site hosts forums where they can promote your pics or choose them for feet of the day/week. 

Best Feet Poses

If you think you can just snap a random photo of your feet and put it up for sale, think twice! Instead, you’d need to incorporate feet poses into your routine to get noticed. So, let’s look at the top 10 poses for taking feet pics:

Soles of the feet

Snapping a pic of the soles of your feet is one of the most desired feet poses. Extend your legs and focus your camera at the bottom of your feet. If possible, do a close-up shot.

Feet pose of soles of the feet

Top of the feet

Top pics are usually the easiest to take. Just focus your camera on your feet while standing or sitting. Get as close to the foot as possible for a close-up shot, and remember to do your nails beforehand because they will be the centre of attention. 

Feet pose of top of the feet

Foot arch

Nice shots of the arches dominate sites with feet pics for sale. To take this pic, focus on a position that accentuates your arch. The higher it is, the more clients it attracts.

Feet Pose of foot arch

Toe spread

Toe pics are a hot topic among feet pictures. To do this pose, spread your toes and take a pic from a top or bottom view.

Feet Pose of toe spread

Feet in heels

Not all pics have to display your bare feet. Get a little creative and put on your favourite pair of heels. Then, you can take the pic as is, dangle your feet, or kick off half the shoe.

Feet Pose of feet in heels

Feet in the air with bent knees

If you’ve searched for hot feet pics, you’ve seen the pose where the model is on her stomach, with bent knees, feet in the air, and a camera focused on the feet. Here, you can also show your face if you want.

Feet Pose of Feet in the air with bent knees

Giant feet

You need to put the camera on the ground to do this pose. Then, you’ll snap a pic of your foot coming down on the camera, creating the illusion that you have giant feet. 

Feet pose of giant feet

Dirty soles

This pose is similar to the first one, except the bottoms of your feet are dirty. Close-up shots usually do better with buyers.

 Feet Poses of feet soles


Feet in an everyday setting

Also called the foot selfie, this photo is easy to take, requiring you to snap your feet in everyday situations, like while resting in a hammock or partly covered by a blanket.

Feet Pose of Feet in an everyday setting

Toe scrunch

To take this pic, scrunch your toes and position your camera from any angle you want, either the top, the side, or the bottom. 

Feet pose of feet scrunch

Lighting Tips

Taking pictures of feet requires good lighting. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a professional lighting kit. So, here are a few alternatives to make your photos pop.

Natural light 

If you’re using natural light, make sure it comes from a window and isn’t too bright. Otherwise, direct sunlight will wash out your feet and highlight imperfections. 

LED lights

LED lights are a great option if you want a nice glow. Plus, you can pick different coloured lights for your photos and provide a bit of variety your clients will appreciate.


Finally, you can use flashlights to take photos in darker places. In any case, avoid shining the light directly on your feet or on your camera because it can cause a distracting glare.

Background Tips

Just because your feet are in the spotlight doesn’t mean you should completely neglect your background. To give you an idea, we’ll go over the most common types of backdrops.


If you want to convey a specific emotion, think about the bedding colour in your photos. White bedding adds a feminine appeal, while pink or red bedding is most suitable for hot feet pics catering to foot fetishes


Marble tiles under your feet will add sophistication to your photos while also looking appealing and trendy. Just watch out for the cold! 


If you’re not at the beach, you can get handfuls of sand and place them under your feet for the same effect. This is a fun idea that can bring about playful poses and nice-looking pictures.


Placing a piece of bark under your feet results in a captivating picture. Clients won’t be used to seeing this backdrop, which can make your photos shoot up in popularity.


If you have a delicate, fluffy carpet or rug under your feet, you can make your photos seem cozy while making your feet look more symmetrical.  


To spice up your feet and toe pics, you can add some props for a touch of personality. Here are some additions that will upscale your photos:


If you want to appear more feminine, you can add toe rings, anklets, barefoot sandals, or toe bangles. Luckily, jewellery can give you the freedom to express yourself through your photos and encourage buyers to look into your albums. 


Put your flower garden to good use by picking some beautiful flowers and adorning your feet for a photo. Photos with flowers can be artistic and can also help you show your creative side. 


Candles can give off a sensual and mystic effect to your photos while also providing you with soft light perfect for cute feet pics.

Temporary tattoos

If you’re not intimidated by tattoos, you can place some temporary ones on your feet or ankles to give your feet individuality. By doing so, clients will recognize your photos on their feeds, which builds loyalty.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed

So far, this side hustle seems like the perfect way to earn extra money. But selling feet pictures online also comes with drawbacks.

Unfortunately, there are scummy people out there, so it’s essential for everyone selling to do their best to avoid getting scammed. Here are the steps you can take to protect yourself from scams:

Remain anonymous

First, ensure you’re completely anonymous. Don’t give out any personal information that could lead buyers back to you, like your name, address, email, phone number, or personal social media accounts. Of course, this isn’t so easy when many sites require an ID for approval. Given that Canada has 12 victims of ID theft per 100,000 residents, you should do exhaustive research before settling on a website and selling feet pics

Never show your face

If possible, the pictures you’re selling should not include your face. If a client wants to buy your photos, they’re doing so because they’re interested in your feet, not your face. Sadly, revealing your face could lead to unwanted attention and make it easier for someone to stalk you, so it’s best to stay hidden. 

Don’t answer personal questions

The less someone knows about you, the better. For this reason, be careful whom you’re talking to and be wary of anyone who seems too pushy or desperate for specific pictures of feet. And if someone is pressuring you for personal information or attempting to manipulate you, they might be a scammer, so block them as soon as possible.

Don’t accept physical gift cards

For your safety, you should only ask for digital payments. Believe it or not, physical gift cards can be faked easily, and you’ll have no way of getting your money back if you end up getting scammed. So, only accept payments through secure payment methods like PayPal.

Don’t accept overpayments

If you sell feet pics, some scammers will offer you more than what you’re asking or claim they accidentally sent you too much money. Then, they’ll ask you to send them the difference and might try to milk more money out of you. Unsurprisingly, these payments are fraudulent. 

Set a price and stick to it

Don’t be pressured into selling your pictures for less than you’re comfortable with. Plus, by undervaluing your photos, you’re causing clients to believe that your work is low-quality or that you’re open to future haggling and negotiating. 

Watermark your preview images

Most host sites allow the buyers to preview your photos without seeing them completely, as they’re either blurred or contain a watermark that covers key features. This will help protect your pictures and deter people from trying to steal them. If the website you’re selling on doesn’t provide this, you can easily do it yourself with Photoshop.

Receive payment before releasing images

Finally, don’t send any pictures until you’ve received payment and confirmed that it’d been processed successfully. Once the payment has gone through, you can send the client the full-resolution images. 

Finishing Thoughts

We never thought we’d spend this long talking about feet!

But now, you have knowledge on how to sell feet pics, protect yourself, find the right platforms, and come up with creative photos that will garner attention. 

Put your feet up and get selling!


How to sell feet pics on OnlyFans?

To sell feet pics on OnlyFans, you’ll first need to create an account. Then, you should select a suitable payment option. After this, you’ll need to publish your first feet pics and promote your account wherever you can.

Where to sell feet pics in Canada?

If you want to sell feet photos in Canada, you should follow our guidelines to ensure your safety and payment. The most common websites to sell feet pics are OnlyFans, InstaFeet, Feet Finder, Feetpics, Foap, and Wikifeet. 



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