How to Win Bingo: 9 Tips for a Successful Game

If you have ever spent a Saturday night playing bingo with your family and friends, you know how exciting that can be. Watching balls being pulled out of the bingo machine and crossing off the numbers on your card seems like a pretty fun activity. 

This article will explain how to win bingo and earn more money along the way. 

Tips and Tricks for Winning at Bingo

Prepare for the game

Just like you would come to work a bit earlier to make coffee, catch up with your colleagues or just mentally prepare for the workday, you should do the same for your game of bingo. 

You need to be fully prepared before the numbers start to get announced, so you don’t miss on anything. Buy yourself some drinks and snacks, lay your cards on the table, and you can be sure you have more chances of winning bingo. 

Buy several cards per game

Yes, having several cards per game seems like a lot of work for an inexperienced bingo player, but it takes a lot of practice to master it, just like any game. 

It can be exhausting to scan all cards within a second when you have so many of them lying on the table, but after some time, you will get better; after all, the more cards you have, the more winning combinations are there. 

Organize your cards

This is another crucial step if you want to win at bingo. Before the game starts, you should lay your cards or even tape them to the table, so they don’t move while you’re scanning the numbers. This will ensure that you can easily find the number needed without risking another card moving and covering other ones with the potential winning combination.  

Get familiar with probability theories

Bingo is a game of chance, and every number is pulled out at random. This introduced plenty of theories on how to win at bingo. The most famous ones are Granville’s Strategy and Tippett’s Theory. Both consist of well-explained strategies and what to look for when buying your bingo cards. Make sure you study them as they may prove helpful. 

How to Win Bingo

Choose your seat wisely

Distractions and mishearing the numbers are a recipe for failure. Before the game starts, think wisely about where you should sit. We do not recommend you sit next to your friends as they might distract you from your cards. One of the ways to win bingo could be choosing to sit in front of the caller, so you don’t miss out on any numbers. 

Practice playing online

Bingo requires a lot of practice, and with each one, you will get better and better. There are many websites with free slots and chatrooms where you can practice playing bingo online with your friends or with people who are also newbies like yourself. 

For the best selection of online bingo games, check out our list of best online casinos in Canada!

Set a budget

It’s important to set a budget as you could spend more money than you can win. The minimum limit for a bingo game is $10 so learn to maximize your winning odds. There are $20 and $30 options, but you need to plan strategically to stay within your budget and avoid overspending. 

Highlight winning patterns

Winning bingo patterns are presented in different shapes or forms. There are straight line patterns, diamonds, picture frames, and many more, so before the game starts, mark the pattern on your card with a highlighter, so you don’t overlook it if you’ve forgotten which pattern is a winning combination. 

Avoid side bets

Side bets, also known as progressive bets, like Jackpot, offer you an enormous winning prize for just a dollar. This might be very tempting, but it’s is a dangerous move. In order to win Jackpot, you’d have to cross off all numbers on the card, and chances of doing that are about a zero. 

Finishing Thoughts

Are you in just for the sheer fun when playing bingo games, or are you a more serious player? We hope that our tips and tricks have helped you understand the game better and ensured your chances of winning. 

Good luck with your next game because you are now well-equipped and know how to win bingo


Who invented bingo?

Hugh J. Ward invented bingo in the early 1920s, and it was later popularized by Edwin Lowe.

How to play bingo on Zoom?

First, you need to set up a zoom meeting and generate cards in the Bingo Generator. You can then print your card and send the link to your friends so they can do the same. Share your screen so everyone can see the numbers being called out and enjoy the game. 

How to win at bingo every time?

Bingo is a game of luck, and there are no written rules that can help you win every game you play, but our guide can certainly help increase your chances of winning. Practice the game, pay attention to your cards and the numbers called, and make sure to study a bingo theory you find the most interesting. 


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