How to Write a Postcard in Canada?

Living in these fast times where technology is constantly usurping our everyday life, has made us forget about some of the vintage ways that people used to communicate by.

This article contains a detailed guide on how to write a postcard in Canada, including some tips on what to write and what to avoid when you send your first postcard.

Let’s write a postcard together!

How to Write and Address a Postcard in Canada?

Keep following the instructions listed below and you’ll have an amazing postcard to send to your friend in less than 5 minutes!

How to Write a Postcard in Canada

1. Pick a Postcard

The first thing you need to do is pick your postcard. My personal choice is Amazon, where you can find a variety of themed postcards for decent prices.

In order to pick your postcard, you need to decide on the purpose first: you may wish to send a Christmas-themed postcard or maybe just a friendly greeting. Regardless, Amazon has it all.

However, if you wish to send a travel-themed postcard, then a better idea would be to source locally-crafted postcards at your travel destination.

2. Write Your Postcard

The next step would be to actually write it.

You can find tons of Christmas greetings online, regardless of your purpose, or you can just write them yourself, which is what I usually prefer.

Nevertheless, I’ve prepared a list of Do’s and Dont’s below when it comes to writing a postcard, so make sure to check it out!

3. Fill in the Address

Next, let’s talk about how to address a postcard.

The typical postcard address format is on the right side of the back of the postcard.

If you’re sending a postcard to Canada, you need to write the full name of the receiver, the street and the number of the house or building as well as the apartment number if applicable. You also need to write the zip code, the state as well as the country.

4. Add the Sender Information

To fill out a postcard successfully,  we need to add our own sender information on the left side of the back of the postcard.

This includes your full name, street and number of your house or building as well as your apartment number if applicable. As before, don’t forget to include the zip code, state and country.

Granted, there’s not much space, but it’ll have to do.

5. Add the Stamp

Last but not least, don’t forget to add the stamp!

You can find a variety of stamps at your local post office and they cost $1.07, or $0.92 per stamp if you decide to buy your stamps in bulk.

The stamp should be located in the upper right corner, above the receiver’s information. Most postcards already come with a designated stamp slot, so you really can’t miss it.

As for the post-shipping rates, make sure to check out the following guide.

What are Canada’s Post-Shipping Rates for 2022?

And there you have it, your postcard is really to hit the post office!

What to Write on a Postcard?

Even though filling out a postcard generally depends on your purpose, I decided to compile a few tips to help you write a successful postcard. let’s check them out. I also added a graphic sample of a postcard below, that can help you figure out where the text should go.

How to Write a Postcard in Canada


  • Always write the date in the top left corner, before you continue writing your message. This will help the receiver know how long it took for the postcard to arrive, which is a bit wholesome, especially when it comes to travel postcards that are sent from abroad;
  • Start your message with a friendly greeting, such as “Hi” or “Dear”. Even though the postcard is officially addressed, it’s nice to start the message with a nice greeting;
  • Keep your message short and sweet. After all, you’re limited by the size of the postcard.


  • Don’t write the address on the front of the postcard, as that’s usually reserved for the picture. The same goes for your message;
  • Don’t include any confidential information in your messages. Postcards are usually sent without an envelope, so a lot of people will be able to see your message;
  • Don’t write in all caps, as that’s considered to be shouting in the written form;

Finishing Thoughts

And there you have it! These were my tips on how to write a postcard in Canada. I hope you found them helpful and that you’ll send your first postcard soon!


Where do you write the address on a postcard?

The address should always be located on the right side of the back of the postcard.

Which side does the address go on a postcard?

The address should always be located on the back of the postcard since the front is usually a picture of some kind.

How to sign a postcard?

To sign your postcard, you can use your full name or just go by a nickname or an internal pet name. The signature usually goes at the bottom left side on the back of the postcard, just below your message.


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