Ontario Urged to Give Casinos Control of Online Betting

Great Canadian Gaming, one of Canada’s biggest casino companies, is urging Ontario to drop the plans for launching a private market for online gambling and sports betting and allow casinos to regulate legal online betting.

GCG issued a report last year and recently shared it with the government. The report claims online betting websites would “cannibalize” the earnings of physical casino locations and expects around 2,600 lost casino jobs, as well as $2.8 less in tax revenue over the next five years, should the province proceed with its plans.


Owners of iGaming companies, casino operators, and other critics disapprove of the report’s findings and believe that the new online gaming market will create new job opportunities in the tech area.

In a PowerPoint presentation, Great Canadian stated that the government should give casinos the exclusive right to regulate online betting for at least two years and stop illegal websites and players who bet there.

Great Canadian’s CEO, Tony Rodio, said that the company does indeed support online gambling. However, Ontario should take the report’s concerns seriously, especially after the casino industry’s recent downfall due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


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