Scotiabank Pauses the Return-to-Office Plan

Scotiabank is pausing its plan to bring all of its remote workers to the Toronto office starting  17th January. However, the bank has expressed concern regarding the Omicron coronavirus variant and is thus putting a pause to the plan.


Canada’s third-largest lender has stated that the plan is based on the Government of Ontario’s latest guidance and will reassess the decision in the new year.

According to the latest data, Canadian banks have been far more willing to delay the return to offices amidst these times of uncertainties, compared to global banks and even US counterparts.

Due to a community spread of the novel variant, Canada may see a rise in Covid-19 cases, according to Canada’s chief public health officer, Theresa Tam.

Compared to competitors, Scotiabank was the only band to reveal an official return-to-office date, while other banks simply stated that they were monitoring the situation. However, the climate is once again not in favour of Scotiabank.

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