• Annual Fee: None
  • APR: 19.99%-25.99%
  • Maximum Earnings Rate: 2.5% back on eligible purchases for Prime members
  • Minimum Personal Income Requirements: None
  • Recommended Credit Score: Over 660

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MBNA Amazon Card: Pros and Cons [2022 Review]

In our quest to review the best Mastercards in Canada, we came across the MBNA Amazon Card. So, today we’ll be looking at this relatively new Amazon credit card in Canada, exploring its main features, benefits, and rates. Let's dive in!

MBNA Amazon Card: Pros and Cons [2022 Review]

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  • Annual Fee: None
  • APR: 19.99%-25.99%
  • Maximum Earnings Rate: 2.5% back on eligible purchases for Prime members
  • Minimum Personal Income Requirements: None
  • Recommended Credit Score: Over 660

Best For

Best for Shopping at Amazon


  • No annual fee
  • Discounts in numerous grocery stores and restaurants
  • Purchase insurance
  • Rewards on foreign transactions
  • Attractive welcome offers
  • No income requirement


  • Low base earn rate of 1% back in rewards
  • Fewer perks for non-Prime cardmembers
  • High interest rate of 22.99% on balance transfers and cash advances


As a division of The Toronto-Dominion Bank, headquartered in Toronto, MBNA has become a leading provider of credit card programs in Canada. The bank is the sixth-largest in all of North America, and as of 2022, it serves approximately 22 million customers in four businesses. 

MBNA is a relatively old company founded by Charles Cawley in 1982 in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. Since its establishment, MBNA has grown exponentially, becoming Canada’s largest Mastercard issuer. With the rise of Mastercard on Amazon, MBNA has issued a credit card that focuses on website purchases directly from Amazon.ca

The company is the first Canadian-headquartered bank to issue an Amazon credit card. Mainly, their cards are associated with Canadian credit unions, sports associations, charities, and financial institutions. 

Main Features

The Amazon Canda Mastercard comes with a wide array of unique features that provide you with excellent rewards, such as:

Grocery store rewards

By using your Amazon credit card in Canada, MBNA rewards you with a welcome offer of 5% back on all groceries from Whole Foods Market and other grocery stores. But that’s not the full extent of the bonuses! 

In addition, this card makes buying from Amazon.com in Canada a piece of cake, as it allows Prime members to earn back 2.5% on eligible purchases on Amazon.ca and Whole Foods. However, if you don’t possess a Prime membership, you only earn 1.5% back on eligible purchases, which is still a bargain in our book. For a card with similar perks on everyday spending, take a look at the American Express Cobalt.

Selected retail rewards

As previously mentioned, the MBNA Mastercard focuses on Amazon purchases. Therefore, all the goods you can buy on Amazon.ca are subject to rewards. The welcome offer also pertains to retail expenses, and after the bonus ends, you get the 2.5% (or 1.5%) back on all eligible purchases. Plus, you get 1% back on purchases in all stores that accept Mastercard.

Gas rewards

As it turns out, the MBNA Amazon credit card also considers gas an eligible purchase. Consequently, you will redeem points from gas stations by using this card and get 1% back on your gas expenses.

Additionally, you can use your Mastercard for car rentals. Therefore, whenever you rent from Avis Rent A Car or Budget Rent A Car, you save a minimum of 10% off the base rates in Canada and 5% off internationally on all locations.

General rewards

Aside from the previously stated offers, the Amazon.ca Rewards card boasts other attractive features. One of these is the Purchase Assurance that covers most items purchased with your card for the first 90 days, with a total accumulative limit of $60,000 per account

Additionally, you’ll receive an extended warranty benefit which doubles the warranties of new purchases for up to one year. Moreover, emergency services are available to all cardmembers, along with phenomenal trip and legal assistance. 

Additional Perks and Benefits

The Amazon Canada Rewards Mastercard comes equipped with unique perks and benefits, providing additional value to each cardholder. This card has it all, from great welcome bonuses to abundant rewards on Amazon purchases!

Welcome bonus

Although the card has no annual fees, it doesn’t skimp on the welcome offers. In fact, when you receive the card, you get 5% back at Amazon.ca, Whole Foods, grocery stores, and restaurants for the first six months and the first $3,000 in eligible purchases. Plus, you can even start using the card from the moment it touches your hand. There’s no waiting around with MBNA!

While it is more expensive, the American Express Cobalt card is a good alternative if you want cashback and reward points.

Use rewards at Amazon

As this is a credit card primarily focused on online purchases; members can use their Amazon points in Canada and worldwide, as Mastercards are accepted on numerous websites. However, Prime members have the upper hand with 2.5% back on eligible Amazon expenses, compared to the 1.5% returns for non-Prime, which are applied directly to purchased items. 

No annual fee

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant selling points of the MBNA Amazon Card is the absence of an annual fee. You can take advantage of all the rewards above without paying anything to sustain the card itself. That’s definitely a tempting offer! 

High earn rates

You’ve probably already realized that by spending more on Amazon, you can shop with points you’ve accrued over time. Aside from the 2.5% (or 1.5%) back on Whole Foods or Amazon.ca goods, you also get 1% back on all other purchases. Moreover, the points you redeem do not have an expiration date or an annual point cap.

Furthermore, every 2,000 points earned are automatically saved as an Amazon.ca Gift Card worth $20, which you can apply to millions of items while shopping on Amazon. 

Rewards on foreign transactions

The MBNA Mastercard has foreign transaction fees of 2.5% for one-way transactions. However, Prime members get 2.5% back on eligible foreign currency transactions to help cover foreign transaction fees, which ultimately means there are no fees.  On the other hand, non-Prime members get only 1% back, setting their fee at 1.5%.

Although cards with no foreign transaction fees are usually more sought after by cardholders, this Mastercard more than makes up for it with the rewards it offers.

Rates and Fees

Even though the MBNA Amazon card comes at a $0 annual fee, it still requires some additional fees. Take a look at our table to see if this card is the right choice for you:

Annual Fee $0
Cash Advance APR 22.99%
Balance Transfer APR 22.99%
Purchase APR 19.99%
Hidden Fees
  • ATM fees are 1% of total withdrawal
  • 2.5% foreign transaction fees

If you want a card with lower fees, the Capital One Savor card offers a 0% purchase intro and balance transfer for the first 15 months.


Similar to the BMO Prepaid Mastercard, MBNA’s eligibility requirements aren’t unreasonable. Namely, there are only two requirements to qualify for an MBNA Amazon Mastercard.

You need:

  • To be a Canadian resident
  • To be of the age of majority in your province/territory of residence. 

Fortunately, as there is no annual fee, you needn’t worry about income requirements. However, you should bear in mind that the company considers the average credit score when reviewing an application for Amazon Mastercard Canada

Application and Delivery

The application for an Amazon Rewards Mastercard is as easy as they come. To apply, you need to go to the Amazon.ca Rewards Mastercard website and select Apply Now. Then, the site will transfer you to an application form which you need to fill out. As with all applications, you’ll have to provide your personal information along with your contact details.

The Amazon credit card Canada has an approval time of just a few seconds to 15 days. If you’re instantly approved, you can reap the benefits of an Amazon.ca membership right away. However, if you don’t get an email back right away, be patient while your application is being processed. Moreover, you can check your status by contacting MBNA by phone. 

Finally, it’s crucial to know that this is not a secured credit card, and it doesn’t require a security deposit. 

Interested in a secured credit card? Check out our selection of best secured credit cards in Canada!

User Reviews

No guide is complete without looking at genuine Amazon Mastercard reviews from long or short-term members. We searched for honest opinions far and wide and noticed some trends. Namely, we discovered that cardmembers thoroughly enjoy the flexible shopping available to them on Amazon.ca, followed by handsome rewards. But who wouldn’t want that?

Moreover, users have gushed over how accessible the card is because it doesn’t have any income requirements. Furthermore, many people are content with the number of benefits available to them, but mainly the inclusion of grocery stores and restaurants in the mix of eligible purchases. The swift approval process is an additional highlight many users appreciate.

In contrast, some users reported feeling dissatisfied with the transaction fees and the limited bonuses for non-Prime cardholders. These individuals believe that MBNA should spruce the card a bit for it to be worthwhile. 

Looking for Alternatives?

MBNA Amazon Card vs American Express Cobalt Card

During our research, we realized that the American Express Cobalt Card provides users with comparable benefits. If you like what you’ve read about the MBNA card so far, the Cobalt Card would also be right up your alley. 

Unlike the Amazon Rewards Mastercard, the Cobalt Card has an annual fee of $155.88, with the possibility of paying $12.99 per month. In addition, it boasts an APR of 20.99% on purchases and 21.99% on cash and a welcome offer of 2,500 Membership Rewards points on each $500 purchase in the whole month. 

A unique feature of the Cobalt Card is its compatibility with multiple Tap to Pay services and bonuses on selected streaming subscriptions like Apple TV+, Disney+, Netflix, and Spotify.

All in all, if you like the benefits of the MBNA card but want to amp it up a bit, consider purchasing the AmEx Cobalt.

MBNA Amazon Card vs Plastk Secured Visa

The Plastk Secured Visa is another credit card that might suit people considering the MBNA Mastercard for Amazon shopping. The Plastk Visa has an annual fee of $48 and a $6 monthly maintenance fee, and low-interest rates of only 17.99%. 

Moreover, this card allows you to build credit and claim many attractive rewards. Upon approval, cardmembers get 5,000 bonus points worth $20. New customers also receive a 0% APR for the first three months of using the card. 

The Plastk Secured Visa gives cardholders points for buying merchandise, gift cards, donating to charities, and the like. Additionally, you can track your progress, rewards, and promotions on an app made specifically for users of the Plastik Visa. What’s more, you can use your points for travelling to ensure your trips don’t break the bank.

If these offers sound appealing, consider looking into this Visa card to provide you with some much-needed bonuses. 

Final Verdict

That’s it for this Amazon Rewards Mastercard review! 

What we’ve gathered from our exhaustive research is that the MBNA Amazon card is a valuable asset for frequent Amazon shoppers. Because of the abundant rewards provided, cardmembers receive many bonuses, giving their shopping experience some much-needed vigour. 

However, if you’re not big on Amazon or Whole Foods, you might need to look elsewhere and consider alternative options. After all, there are innumerable cards on the market, so you’re bound to find something!


Can I use amazon.com gift card on amazon.ca?

Unfortunately, you can’t use a US gift card on Amazon Canada. But what you can do is buy something from Amazon.com and get it delivered to Canada. However, keep in mind that you will need to pay for customs.

Where to get Amazon gift cards in Canada?

You can get Amazon gift cards in 19 stores throughout Canada, such as 7-Eleven, Canada Post, Circle K, Atlantic Fonecard, Metro, Shell Canada, Jean Coutu, Loblaws, and more.  


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