• Processing Time: 1 business day for Business Cheques/3-5 for Personal Cheques
  • Shipping Time: 1-3 days in Quebec/3-10 business days in other provinces
  • Shipping Cost: No cost in Quebec and Ontario/$14.99 flat-rate elsewhere
  • International Shipping: No (currently)
  • Carriers: Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, Canpar

Cheques Plus Reviews: Pros and Cons in 2023

If you were wondering where to order cheques in Canada – you’re reading the right article. Cheques Plus is one of the most affordable and legit places for cheap cheques in Canada.

Read more about placing an order, prices, and the services/ bundles they offer.

  • Processing Time: 1 business day for Business Cheques/3-5 for Personal Cheques
  • Shipping Time: 1-3 days in Quebec/3-10 business days in other provinces
  • Shipping Cost: No cost in Quebec and Ontario/$14.99 flat-rate elsewhere
  • International Shipping: No (currently)
  • Carriers: Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, Canpar

Best For

Cheap Cheques


  • Best price guarantee
  • All the cheques you need are in one place
  • Top-level security and encryption
  • Starting kits and packages
  • 100% CPA-compliant cheques
  • Business cheques for popular business software are available


  • Available only in Canada
  • Flat-rate shipping outside Quebec and Ontario.

Cheques Plus Overview

Cheques Plus is a respected business based in Quebec, Canada, specializing in printing cheques and similar financial services. Driven by the idea that cheques should be cheaper, CEO Moses Fekete founded Cheques Plus (2010) as an on-site cheques printer website.

Moreover, they boast an astonishing 97 percent reorder rate from their existing customer base – proving them as top-listed Canadian cheque suppliers.

Why is this?

Simply because from step one – ordering and creating your cheque, to the final step of making and delivering the cheque – Cheques Plus does everything.

Furthermore, their absolute best price guarantee comes down to three simple things:

  • no middlemen,
  • avoiding third-party printing companies,
  • ditching the taxes and fees, banks charge for the cheque service.

Cheques Plus Services

Cheques Plus is the place to order personal cheques in Canada and other business-related financial services. Here’s what you’ll find on their website:

Personal Cheques

These are paper slips, i.e., cheques with your name and personal credentials (amount of money to withdraw, checking account number, signature, etc.). They come printed in 25 pieces in a single notebook, but you can order more than one (50, 100, 200 cheques) and get a better price. Aside from Canadian payments, you can also request to make your personal cheques in US Funds or Line Credit Account.

Business Cheques

Customized business cheques in Canada are now a common practice. And the ones from Cheques’ Plus support all popular business software, like Quicken, Quickbooks, and Peachtree.

This is their offer:

  • Computer Laser Cheques (starter kit – optional)
  • Manual Cheques (starter kit – optional)
  • Blank Cheques

Whichever you choose, you won’t regret it since all their business cheques are CPA certified and meet all banking regulations.

Quickbooks Cheques

One of the most important tools of today’s business finance and accounting is the Quickbooks software. Cheques Plus offers reasonable prices to satisfy various companies’ business needs.

For instance, you get a free logo print, and prices starting from $69 for 100 cheques or $169 for 1.000 cheques are half as much as what you’d pay at any bank in Canada.

Handwritten Cheques

The handwritten cheques are available for each occasion and preserve the old-school principles of financial and banking.

  • High-security manual cheques (starting from $69/ 100 pieces).
  • 2 carbon copy high-security manual cheques (starting from $139/ 250 pieces).

Aside from customizable cheques to suit individuals and business owners, ChequesPlus.com provides other related financial services and accessories.

Starter Kits

These packages are specially designed for start-ups just setting off on their business journey. Consequently, all the business basics are covered within these packages, which also guarantees to cost less than purchasing all items separately.

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  • Computer Cheques Starter Package (from $79)
  • Manual Cheques Starter Kit (from $139.99)

You can add all the Cheques Plus’ accessories to this bundle (listed below).

Window Envelopes

Window envelopes + all types of business/ banking envelopes are included in this offer. Additionally, you can order imprinted envelopes to promote and build your brand’s name.










  • Peel and Seal Double Window Envelopes – $45.
  • Double Window Confidential Self Seal Envelopes for statements/ invoices – $72.
  • Double Window T4 Tax Envelopes (5 3/4×9 inches) – from $19.99/ 50pcs.

Let’s see which accessories they offer.


There are various accessories to choose from. As follows:

  • Deposit Slips – save time and effort in banking time. These manual and computer slips, starting from $34.95, are the real deal.
  • 1/ 2 per page Cheque Binders – keep your cheques well-preserved and looking classy, starting from $19.99.
  • Cheque Fraud Prevention Pen – handy and preventive, for a small price of $3.99.
  • Self-Inking Endorsement Stamp – it comes in black and red colour, with the option to carve your name and company on it for $29.99. (Note: The logo carvings cost an extra $4.99)
  • Single Pocket Deposit Bags – quicker processing time and reduced risk of errors, for a price of $49.99.

Now, let’s move on to their customization options.

Cheques Plus Customization Options

Cheques Plus offers customizing options that go beyond your regular cheque details. For starters, all cheques can be in English or French or include both options and make them bilingual.

The Cheques Plus computer template gives you versatile choices, from the bottom – to the middle and top of the page/screen, even an option to have three cheques per page. The most expensive option includes a holographic foil, making it impossible to copy and forge.

Colour Choices

Computer cheques enjoy more colour possibilities if you stamp a cheque at the top of the screen, compared to the high-security manual cheques that come in only three colours: blue, green, and burgundy.

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A free logo is included in your cheque order + you have various colours and different patterns to choose from and get playful right on their site.

Company and Bank/ Account Information

Your regular information, such as:

  • Name;
  • Name of brand/ company;
  • Address and location;
  • Account and banking information;
  • Logo(s) is included and free of charge on business cheques. Moreover, you can include a logo/ monogram for an extra $15 on your personal cheque order.

Note: Before completing your order, it’s better to provide a voided cheque, fax, or a MICR SPEC SHEET from your bank. This is to verify the accuracy of the information and avoid possible mistakes from both sides.

Cheques Plus Additional Features

By registering and ordering from Cheques Plus, you’re granted access to their additional features that make for a complete financial experience.

Price Match Guarantee

The company insists on keeping its promise of being the cheapest and best-deal provider of cheques in Canada. Hence, price matching is essential to check how much money you’re saving. They have a ‘the best price guarantee’ button, and if you want to report you’ve been offered a better price elsewhere in Canada – they’ll gladly consider making an even better offer.

Cheques Plus Reviews














Same Day Shipping For Business Cheques

For orders placed and approved before 1:30 pm, the company commits to shipping them the same day.

Quick Reorder

If you’re running out of cheques, getting your next pile is much easier. Click ‘Quick Reorder,’ and your shipment will be on its way.







Cheques Plus Pricing

From around $20 to more than $2.000 – Cheques Plus offerings suit every customer’s group – individuals and business corporations.

Let’s check some of the prices on their flagship products – the personal and business cheques.

Personal Cheques Pricing Details
Amount Price
25 (one book) $23.99
50 (two books) $24.99
100 (four books) $27.99
200 (eight books) $44.99
100 duplicate cheques (four books) $44.99
200 duplicate cheques (eight books) $79.99


Business Cheques Pricing Details
Computer Cheques Minimum Amount/ Price Maximum Amount/ Price
On Top Computer Cheques 50 pieces – $48 30.000 pieces – $2.589
On Top (Premium) 50 pieces – $69 15.000 pieces – $1.799
On Top 2 Pieces Premium Foil 250 pieces – $222 2.000 pieces – $765
In the Middle/ On Bottom 50 pieces – $48 5.000 pieces – $550
In Middle (Premium) 50 pieces – $48 15.000 – $1.799
On Bottom (Premium) 50 pieces – $69 5.000 pieces – $929
3 Cheques Per Page 90 pieces – $49.95 10.000 pieces – $690
Manual Cheques Minimum Amount/ Price Maximum Amount/ Price
1 or 2 Per Page 100 pieces – $69 5.000 pieces – $540
2 Carbon Copy High-Security Cheques 250 pieces – $139 5.000 – $2.450
Blank Cheques Minimum Amount/ Price Maximum Amount/ Price
Manual 2.000 pieces – $199 16.000 pieces – $1.440
Premium 500 pieces – $115 10.000+ pieces – ask for a quotation
Economy 500 pieces – $59 10.000 pieces – $729


Shipping and Returns

Cheques Plus offers solid and comprehensive shipping and returns policy. That said, expect free shipping on business cheques in Ontario and Quebec. Whereas for other Canadian territories, there’s standard flat-rate shipping of $14.99.

However, you can enjoy free shipping across Canada when ordering personal cheques.

***Regarding rush orders on personal cheques, contact Cheques Plus.

Next, check this table for more info regarding shipping and processing details.

Type Personal Cheques (working days) Business Cheques (working days)
Processing Time 3-5 days 1 day
Shipping Period 3 days for Quebec/ Canadawide 4-5 days (after processing) 1-7 days (depending on territory)
When should it arrive? 6-8 within Quebec/ 7-10 days Canadawide 2-7 days (depending on territory)

*** For more details on the arrival times within specific territories, check their site.

Moreover, you can track your order and view the status of your previous orders after becoming a member of Cheques Plus. This makes it easier for customers to schedule reorders or any changes within the order’s processing time.




Additionally, when in a hurry, you can pick up your order for a special price, i.e., schedule a priority shipping.

But what about returns and refunds?

Only blank cheques and envelopes are subjected to refunds and returns, but the customer returning the order will be charged 15% of the original order’s value for restocking.

***Shipping fees are never refunded – except in case of damaged goods received.

Regarding imprinted cheques and envelopes – no returns are possible. Only when wrongfully imprinted/ misspelled. Additionally, you must claim the same via a customer representative within 30 days of receiving the order; otherwise – they won’t accept it.

If you wish to cancel an order – you’ll pay a $25 processing fee for business cheques/ $10 for personal cheques. If the client wants to place the order again, this fee won’t be refunded.

Note: Refunds are made in the same way as the initial payment transaction.

Is Cheques Plus Safe?

Considering all the sensitive personal data customers enter on the website during the customization and cheque preparation, one should question security. But don’t worry – ChequesPlus.com is entirely safe and SSL encrypted, ensuring that your data stays intact even if a hack attack attempt does happen.

The website owns a Comodo Site Seal and a Sectigo Certificate, which act as proof of secure payment and transaction and the overall trustworthiness of this Canadian business.

As an additional security guarantee and proof for their unique cheques, they include:

  • invisible fibres
  • border elements with high-resolution
  • watermark
  • micro-printing
  • chemical stain reactants.

Lastly, we went through several Cheques Plus customer reviews, stumbled upon mostly positive comments/ reviews, and satisfied customers with the overall service. For instance, on Trustpilot, the rating is 4.5 stars/ 550 reviews, which is highly positive. Only 1% of customers feel they’ve had a bad experience, while 81% claim to have an excellent experience with Cheques Plus.

People are delighted with Cheques’ customer support. Therefore, when you order cheques, forget something, or want something changed – it’s good to know you always have where to turn to.

Cheques Plus Customer Support

Being a ‘proudly Canadian’ company, Cheques Plus offers toll-free numbers to be easily reached – only during working hours.

Here are their institution numbers:

  • Phone: 877-888-7163; or 450.323.6244
  • Fax: 855.203.6245; or 450.323.6245.

Aside from these – for any disputes, additional information, or offers – you can send them a request directly through their webpage. You can do this by filling out the contact form on their website and waiting for an answer or further instructions on the matter. Better yet, they promise to respond within two hours during operating hours.

Cheques Plus Reviews












There’s also a live chat option in the bottom right corner of the webpage for all customers – even the unregistered ones.









But that’s not all. Follow Cheques Plus’ social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for various promotions and deals.

What About Alternatives?

There are a few alternatives to Cheques Plus. It’s only fair to see what other similar companies have over Cheques Plus or vice versa.

Cheques Plus vs. Cheque Print

Aside from offering similar services for a much higher price than Cheques Plus, we can still say they offer cheque printing services for a lower price than most Canadian banks do.

Moving forward, we realized Cheque Print enables you to set up reminders for making reorders. Whereas Plus offers quick reorder, however, it won’t remind you to fill up your cheques’ stash.

Cheques Plus vs. ASAP Cheques

With a broad range of versatile templates for business cheques and fast shipping – ASAP Cheques are probably the biggest competitor to Cheques Plus in Canada. They even offer the same style of price checking and matching – so they’re in a constant race to provide the best cheque and banking services to their Canadian clients.

As far as pricing goes, they offer similar prices. For instance, Plus offers 50 pieces of personal cheques for $24.99, while ASAP charges $28. You can look at their websites since all the prices are listed there.

Cheques Plus vs. Royal Printers

Royal Printers among the plethora of printing materials, also print cheques. However, compared to Cheques Plus – they have a limited cheque offer, and the prices aren’t listed on their webpage — to get a price, you have to make an offer first.

On the other hand, Plus is an open book, with clearly stated prices and quantities for the same.

Finishing Thoughts

Minding that Canadians use around a billion cheques over a year – it’s good to know places where you could effortlessly print cheques.

Cheques Plus has it all — from personal to business cheques which can be customized through their webpage and delivered right to your door without shipping fees.

Prompt, efficient, and always there for their customers, Cheques Plus Canada has won the attention of many Canadians, giving them close-to-excellent Cheques Plus reviews.


How do you order cheques?

You can order cheques from a bank or save big by ordering them via online printing services, like Cheques Plus. Visit Cheques’ official site, register, and place your order. Furthermore, tracking and managing your order via your profile is entirely free, and easy communication is granted.

Can I print my own cheques in Canada?

Yes, you can. However, printing cheques with other institutions is less expensive than with banks. Moreover, to do it, you must meet specific requirements, i.e., the cheques must be in line with Standard 006.

What is a cheque used for?

Cheques are official financial documents used for money transfers. In fact, the cheque is a document ordering the money transfer from one person’s bank account to another.

What are the 3 parties to a cheque?

As a financial transaction, each cheque includes these three parties:

  • Drawer – the person/ institution who writes and initiates the cheque.
  • Drawee – the bank/ financial institution authorized to release the funds written in the cheque.
  • Payee – the person/ institution that receives the cheque payment.

Note: When a cheque is presented, the drawee first checks whether it has enough funds to pay it.

What are the rules for issuing a cheque?

The rules of issuing a cheque are as follows:

  • Date – put the correct date and ensure the cheque’s not older than 3 months.
  • The Payee’s Name – check the spelling of the payee’s name twice.
  • Amount – write the sum with words and figures.
  • Signature – the cheque has to be signed by the drawer.
  • Account Number – write the drawer’s account number correctly.
  • Minimum Balance – the cheque’s written sum shouldn’t exceed the amount in the bank.
  • Endorsement – the cheque needs to be properly endorsed.
  • Crossing & Overwriting – crossing/ overwriting on cheques isn’t allowed.
  • The Cheque’s Condition – ripped, wet, or stained cheque is unacceptable.

Keep these in mind before you hand over a cheque to someone or take it to a bank.


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