How to Play Strip Poker: Tips for an Unforgettable Night

Strip poker is a poker game variety where players win by taking each other’s clothes instead of money or chips. This could be a fun and flirty game to play with your close friends or with people who share the same interest in playing strip poker.

Pile as many pieces of clothes as you can, jewellery not included, to make it more flirty and exciting, and you are ready for the game.

This article will help you learn how to play strip poker and spice things up.

Let’s go!

How to Play Strip Poker

What is Strip Poker?

Strip poker is a type of poker where the main goal is to try and keep as many clothes as you can and strip your opponents naked. If you lose a round, you have to remove one piece of clothing; it’s that simple. Sometimes, besides undressing, other activities may be involved, such as “truth or dare”.

It is believed that strip poker was invented around the same time as traditional poker. The term was mentioned in 1926 for the first time ever. It could be that strip poker was played at night in brothels.

In the beginning, male players played this game as a way for opponents to prank each other, but then women stepped into the game, and it became known as “mixed strip poker”.

Playing strip poker at a party could make it more fun and exciting. It could be played at Bachelor’s or Bachelorette party, birthday party, or it could be a fresh addition to your relationship.

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How to Play Strip Poker?

Before you start playing your game of strip poker, make sure you are acquainted with the rules of the game and equipped with the stuff you need. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered on this one.


First, you’ll need a standard deck of cards. You can use any kind of playing; it does not really matter.

Just like we’ve said, chips will be replaced by clothes as the main goal is to not end up naked in strip poker. The chip will only be used to determine the value of clothing items. For example, a dress could be worth three chips; a shirt could be worth two chips and so on. The more chips you lose, the more clothing you remove. But you can just ditch chips and count your clothes.

And the last thing you need is 2 to 6 open-minded people who will agree to play. Make sure they are familiar with the rules, so you don’t end up with an opponent who decided they are not interested in playing and leaving mid-game.

Basic Strip Poker Rules

Even though traditional poker rules may sound intimidating to novice players, strip poker rules are easy to learn, even for first-timers.

  • First, everyone should have similar clothes to make the game fair. Don’t come only in a dress and shoes, while everybody else has shirts and pants and other items on, because you have a very low chance of winning.


  • Choose who will be a dealer of your strip poker game and make a bet with an item of clothing.


  • All players receive five cards, 3 of which are facing down, and the other two can be looked at. When the flop is dealt, players are allowed to exchange cards; an equal number of known for unknown cards.


  • Then the turn is dealt, and players can exchange only one card with their face-down card.


  • After river is dealt, you will have to reveal your cards, and the worst hand loses a piece of their clothing.


  • When someone ends up naked, the poker game is finished. Or you can choose not to take the last piece of clothing off by playing “truth or dare”.

What About Online Strip Poker?

Don’t worry if you haven’t found enough interested people to play strip poker with you in person; you can always move to an online version. There are plenty of people who are probably in the same situation as you, looking for a party for the game.

You can find people in chatrooms or strip poker online game channels.

Once you’ve found your opponents, set up a table and share it on the screen for everyone to see and enjoy the game.

Bonus Tips

If you are still not sure whether this is for you and feel anxious if you’ll get the gist of the game, we’ve prepared some bonus tips for you on how to make a strip poker game less intimidating.

Gather a Group of Open-minded People

Even if you are not into stripping yourself naked in front of others, getting to know people who might find this amusing can help your self-esteem. It could help you broaden your mind, improve your body image and just spice up your life a little.

Prepare Some Drinks

You are not here to get completely drunk and lose control, but to calm your nerves if you feel uneasy. So bottoms up and enjoy your strip poker game night.

Set the Rules Regarding Clothing

We need you to play fair because not everyone has the same number of clothing items. Girls could be wearing dresses and shoes and guys shorts and a t-shirt. So you could make a rule where items covering the whole body, like dresses, could be worth the most chips and things like socks or shoes the lowest.

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Finishing Thoughts

There you have it. You are now familiar with the rules on how to play strip poker. Don’t forget that consent is a crucial factor in this game; some people won’t feel comfortable playing it, so don’t force them.


Also, if you think this game might not be for you, don’t worry, you can always opt for traditional poker, but this sounds more exciting, doesn’t it?


How to play strip poker without chips?

Chips are optional in this game, as you will only need your clothes to play. Some people might choose to play with chips as it’s easier to count how many chips an item is worth, but there is no need for them. The basic rule is the more clothes, the more chips you have.


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