3 Toronto-Based Friends Share CA$21-Million Jackpot

Luck has turned for three friends based in the Toronto area, who won a significant Lotto 6/49 prize, according to the OLG. The lucky winners are Kenneth Nitsolis from Markham, and Dino Martino and Bill Tepelenas from Toronto.


Lotto 6/49 is a Canadian national draw-based game that gives out generous prizes and awards, hundreds of millions of dollars to be exact, awarded each year and according to 2019 data, 65% of Canadians occasionally play the lottery. The winning tickets are usually drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The winning ticket of the trio was drawn on September 22nd and the actual ticket was purchased online on the Crown agency’s OLG website, according to the winners. The exact value or the win amounted to a staggering CA$21,185,218.10, compensating for the trio’s total of 16 years of playing the game.

The good news was primarily discovered by Mr. Nitsolis, who reported that he saw confetti on the screen while checking his emails one morning. He goes on to explain that at first glance, he had thought the win to be only CA$21,000 and that he had needed some time to adjust to the information and embrace the number of zeros on the screen.

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