How to Check Your Credit Score on the RBC App?

RBC is one of the six biggest banks in Canada. It’s a convenient place to keep all financial accounts in one place. It offers various investments and saving services, but most importantly, with the RBC app, you can check your credit score for free without any impact.

To find out more on how to check your credit score on the RBC app and how RBC online banking works, stick around as we go through all the details and explain the services RBC provides. 

How to Check Your Credit score on the RBC app?

The app allows you to check your RBC credit score through the TransUnion CreditView Dashboard for free, and here’s how to do that.

Step 1. Go to the official RBC site and select “Sign in”

Step 2. Enter your client card number or user name and click “Next”

Step 3. Go to the “My Services Box” that’s on the right side of the Accounts Summary page

Step 4. Click on “View your credit score

Step 5. Review the legal disclaimer

Step 6. Click “Continue”

Step 7. You’ll be shown the CreditView dashboard agreement

Step 8. Click “Accept and Continue”

Step 9. And your credit score will appear

How Does RBC Online Banking Work?

RBC online banking allows you to open different types of accounts, such as:

  • Personal accounts
  • Business accounts 
  • Saving accounts
  • Investing accounts
  • Chequing Accounts
  • Youth and student accounts 

Once you create your RBC online bank account, just sign in with your login details and access savings and investments and all sorts of features and tools to help you control your financials. 

What is more, with your RBC banking account you have access to myFinanceTracker to help you manage your money by categorizing your expenses, allowing you to track your spending and create your budget. 

With the Credit Score Simulator Tool, you can see what’s affecting your credit score, which helps you to improve your rating, thus increasing your chances of qualifying for a credit loan. 

You can also make payments and deposits, check your balances and much more with the RBC Mobile app, and get walkthroughs of the digital banking basics through the offered tutorials.

RBC has also introduced RBC Vantage, to help you unlock many rewards, savings and other benefits.  

The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation secures your online banking with the RBC app. 

Is It free?

With your RBC royal bank account, you can access RBC online banking and the mobile app at no charge. Also, the RBC credit score check is always free. However, depending on your type of account, there are fees for transfers, payments, and monthly maintenance. Fees can range from as high as $30.00 for VIPBanking, to as low as only $4.00.

But you can earn competitive fee rebates if you qualify for the MultiProduct Rebate program by keeping your RBC credit card and RBC investment active. 

What Services does RBC offer?

RBC offers a wide range of services tailored specifically to cater to the needs of their clients and help them make the most of their savings. RBC services are available to individuals, small businesses and large companies, credit lines, mortgage, loan and investment clients, among others. 

Personal Online banking 

It enables you to manage your finances, learn everything about loans, find the correct account for your needs, help you to start saving and investing and search for different mortgage options. 

Business banking 

Allows clients to manage and optimize their business with access to various tools and features and get expert guidance tailored to their industry.  

As an RBC client, you can also access premium online business banking with the RBC Express program, which unlocks you a whole set of advanced offers, from a delegation of multiple employees and an overview of your cash flow to foreign exchange transactions and much more.  

Investor & Treasury Services 

Canada’s biggest custody asset provider offers financial services and logistic solutions to investors and corporate customers. 

RBC Capital markets 

It is a globally available investment bank that provides banking and investing services to a range of clients, such as corporations, institutional investors, governments, etc., in addition to the help of a global team of experts to create the best strategies for your financial growth. 

Wealth Management 

It offers career-advancing training and connects you with an RBC Wealth management advisor to help you build your finances. Plus, you can earn some more financial rewards. 


With RBC personal insurance, you can protect your home, car, health, life, travel, retirement, and credit and loans. In contrast, private insurance provides you with risk management and assessment and will efficiently resolve your claims.  

Business Insurance helps protect your business and your employees, and group benefits support your mental, physical, and financial health. 

Besides these, there are also mortgages, loans, credit cards, investments, rewards, ways to bank and many more services. 

How to Check Your Credit Score on the RBC App

Free Credit Score Checks in Canada

If you’re looking for different options to check your credit score, there are other great alternatives to RBC. 


Borrowell is a Canadian fintech company that provides free credit score checks and reports through Equifax without impacting your credit score. And to sign up, you don’t need a credit card. Plus, you can keep track of your score changes thanks to Borrowell’s weekly updates.  

Besides free credit score checks, they also provide personal loans, credit cards and mortgages, savings, investing, and insurance. 


Mogo is a Vancouver-based company, that allows free credit score checking and monitoring with Equifax if you sign up using the platinum Prepaid Card. Furthermore, you can save money by earning rewards to improve your credit score

Regarding the value of your credit score, Mogo indicates that having a credit score over 680 is considered a good one, which qualifies you to get a higher mortgage but at lower rates. 


Lenders and creditors do not assess your Equifax credit scores. They are created for your personal use to help you evaluate your current credit position. 

To request a free copy of your credit report, you can use their Interactive Voice Response system or request it in person or via email. After the validation process, expect to receive your report at your home address in 5 to 10 days. 


Not long ago, you could order your credit report for free only once per month. But recently, as a part of the support for US citizens throughout 2022, they offer free weekly credit reports at But this doesn’t include your credit score check. 

However, you have the option to get free access if you purchase a one-time VantageScore, but that may not be the credit score supported by your lender.  


It’s always good to know how you are standing financially and see how lenders assess your creditworthiness. This can help you to apply for credit successfully and get the best interest rates. That’s why regularly checking your credit score and credit rep is essential.

You can get your RBC credit score check and RBC credit report free with RBC and get extra tools and features to help you improve your credit score value. 

Now that you have learned how to check your credit score on the RBC app and read about all the benefits of using RBC online banking, we hope it will make things easier for you when choosing the best bank for your financial health. 


Does the RBC app show your credit score?

You can access your RBC credit score check through the TransUnion CreditView Dashboard and see where you currently stand. 

Can I check my RBC credit score through my RBC mobile app?

This option is currently not supported by the mobile app. To view your credit score on the RBC app, you must log in to the web version.

Is RBC credit score accurate?

RBC credit score is formulated according to TransUnion’s CreditVision Risk Score, so it is considered to be accurate. 

Does RBC offer a credit monitoring service?

They provide a free credit monitoring service through the FirstReport program that helps you protect against identity theft.

What is a good credit score in Canada RBC?

A score of 749 is considered to be a good RBC credit score.  


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