Netflix vs Crave: Which One Should I Use in Canada?

Torn between Netflix and Crave? Or simply curious as to what they have to offer? Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered! From plans and prices to movie and show catalogues—we’ve researched and compared it all.

So, let us guide you through the ultimate face-off between Canada’s two biggest streaming services with the goal of discovering the best one for you.

Let the streaming battle begin!

Netflix vs. Crave: What Are They?

Everyone knows what Netflix is, right? Only the world’s biggest subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service that offers thousands of shows and films. However, Netflix programming varies from location to location to a certain degree.

Crave runs the same business model but was founded in Canada and serves Canadians since 2014. That said, Crave’s catalogue has been rapidly growing in recent years as it tries to provide Canucks with the best and most relevant shows and films, plus programming from Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount (Showtime), and Starz.

Apart from certain differences in programming, these two platforms also come with different billing plans and platform features. We explore them below.

Netflix vs. Crave: Libraries Comparison

When it comes to the array of shows available, both Netflix and Crave bring their A-game. While Netflix boasts a vast collection of over 2,000 shows and 4,000 movies, Crave focuses heavily on Canadian content and access to premium channels.

Which one has better movies?

Netflix boasts thousands upon thousands of movie titles in its Canadian library across all genres, most of which are highly acclaimed. On top of that, Netflix offers access to numerous international films from directors from all over the world. That’s not all, though,  as this streaming giant has also started producing original movies, including Extraction, Purple Hearts, Red Notice, The Irishman, and many more.

On the other hand, Crave is a newcomer to the game, so it is yet to produce original and acclaimed films. That said, the platform is building a remarkable collection of blockbusters, regularly adding titles such as Ocean’s 8, La La Land, Get Out, Elvis, and older titles, including all Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films.

Which one has better shows? 

When it comes to the quality of the shows they offer, Netflix and Crave go head to head, but Netflix still edges out due to the quality of its original programming, including spectacles such as The Witcher, Stranger Things, Dark, Squid Game, and more. If you prefer more bingeable and light-hearted shows, you can always watch The Office there.

Crave is also a heavy hitter in the show game since it has exclusive streaming rights for HBO, Starz, and Showtime originals. So all Game of Thrones, Succession, Yellowjackets, and Dexter fans have no other choice but to flock to Crave. Also, if you are looking for Canadian-produced shows, Crave is your go-to platform for that.

Which one has better documentaries? 

Netflix does not hold back with its documentaries either, as it’s looking to provide the same thrilling narratives found in its scripted shows. Everything from Chef’s Table—gorgeous food porn series—to Arnold, the intimate docuseries covering Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stellar career, and Drive to Survive, the action-packed coverage of the highest tier of motorsports, delivers propulsive narratives and memorable characters.

Conversely, Crave offers more people-centred documentaries about notable individuals of the last decades. If you’ve ever wanted to peek into the lives of celebrities such as Sheryl Crow, John McEnroe, or Dick Gregory, Crave gives you that chance.

Which one has better content for kids?

Both Crave and Netflix offer content for families with kids, and you’ll find something to entertain your little ones with regardless of your choice.

For example, on Crave, you can access Sesame Street, Sailor Moon, Paw Patrol, Thomas & Friends, and Pokemon. On top of that, the service offers a parental control feature that allows parents to set a PIN when accessing adult content.

Netflix also dedicates a good chunk of its programming to children—you can find anything from animated shows for your little ones, such as My Little Pony and Peppa Pig, to live-action tiles for older kids. Not only that, but parents can also create and manage a profile for their kids, which only grants access to kid-friendly titles.

Netflix vs. Crave: Plan Comparison

Netflix and Crave offer plans that are similar in certain regards while they differ in others. Let’s compare them in terms of price, video quality, and other features:










$9.99 ($5.99 with ads)





No. of streams






Video quality



4K + HDR




Yes (1 device)

Yes (2 devices)

Yes (6 Devices)




Only with the $5.99 plan





As you can see, both services limit their cheapest plans to one stream at a time and a lower 720p resolution. You must choose the more expensive plans for better resolution and multiple streams. As for price, Netflix and Crave offer similarly-priced basic and ultimate plans, but Netflix edges out with its ad-supported $5.99 scheme.

However, Crave offers the Starz add-on for $5.99/month and 6-month and 1-year plans to save some money at $89.94 and $199.90, respectively.

That said, both Crave and Netflix allow you to cancel your subscription at any time and do not limit access to their libraries depending on the plan you choose.

Netflix vs. Crave: Supported Devices

Both Netflix and Crave offer incredibly wide support across any and all platforms, and device compatibility will never be an issue, regardless of the provider.

For instance, in addition to desktop and laptop computers running a compatible browser, you can download the Crave app on your favourite mobile device, including Windows, Android, and Apple smartphones and tablets.

On top of that, all popular Xbox and PS consoles offer native Netflix and Crave apps through their corresponding on-device stores. Moreover, numerous Smart TVs, set-top boxes, and other streaming devices also support Netflix’s and Crave’s software.

Note: Crave Mobile is not supported on certain types of devices.

Netflix vs. Crave: Video Quality

While Crave Mobile plan users will have to settle for a 720p resolution, 1080p streaming is available in the Crave Total plan, as well as in Netflix’s Standard Plans.

However, if you are a user looking for the ultimate viewing experience, you should go for the Netflix Premium plan, which offers a gorgeously detailed 4K HDR resolution.

Netflix vs. Crave: Which One Should You Choose?

Netflix is the preferred streaming service for many people in Canada because it offers a vast catalogue of shows and movies, a great lineup of originals like “Stranger Things” and “The Crown”, and an inexpensive standard plan starting at just $5.99/month.

Crave also has its own standout features and is a great choice for Canadians looking for acclaimed Canadian content, which will help them celebrate and support local talent. Plus, Crave offers exclusive access to premium channels like HBO and Starz.

Key Takeaways

Netflix and Crave have their unique strength and weaknesses. While Netflix takes the crown for its vast international and kid-friendly content collection, Crave serves a delightful array of Canadian favourites. So, who’s the winner in the Netflix vs. Crave battle? And which one should you use in Canada? It all depends on your viewing preferences.


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