How to Watch HBO Max in Canada in 2024?

Dying to get your hands on the most popular HBO Max content in Canada? Worry not. You can easily access HBO Max (known as Max nowadays after the merger with Discovery) by using a premium VPN service wherever you are.

Follow our lead to find out how to set it up so you enjoy everything Max has to offer. Spoiler alert: It’s super easy, though it has its kinks.

We won’t keep you waiting. Let’s dive in!

Why is HBO Max Unavailable in Canada?

The main reason Canucks don’t have access to HBO Max’s library is the lack of licensing agreements to stream all of HBO’s popular shows. Instead, Crave has the rights to stream some of Max’s programming but does not have access to its full library.

To adhere to these regulations, HBO Max implements geo-restriction tech, like most other streaming platforms, effectively denying access to residents from countries where the service is unavailable. Thankfully, overcoming these obstacles is easy.

How to Watch HBO Max in Canada?

So how do you access a service unavailable in Canada? It’s quite simple, really. You have to make yourself appear as if you are shopping from an acceptable country. The way to do that is by installing a reputable VPN service with servers in the U.S.

Despite being offered in other countries worldwide, connecting via the U.S. is your best choice since you’ll get the lowest streaming latency and a buffering-free experience. Moreover, the U.S. is currently the only country offering Max—the company’s enhanced service that combines the entire HBO Max library and Discovery’s programming.

Note: You’ll need a U.S.-based payment method to subscribe to Max.

Watching HBO Max in Canada: Step-By-Step Guide

The easiest way to watch HBO Max in Canada involves a few straightforward steps that you can complete in under 10 minutes, as described below.

Step One: Pick a Premium VPN Provider

Before you do anything, you need to find and subscribe to a high-quality VPN service with multiple locations in the U.S. and fast access. By doing so, you’ll be able to access any service offered to U.S. citizens and not experience slow streaming speeds.

Step Two: Install and Set Up the VPN App

Once you have an active subscription, you can download the VPN app on the device you will be using to stream your media content. Then, simply log in with your VPN credentials and connect to a U.S. server closest to your physical location.

Step Three: Subscribe to HBO Max (Max)

Next up, you have to actually get a Max subscription, which is quite simple as long as your VPN shows you are browsing via a U.S.-based IP. You only have to navigate to the official Max website and complete the sign-up procedure.

Follow the on-page prompts to create your account, including choosing a subscription plan and providing your email address and personal details. 

At this point, you’ll need a U.S.-based payment method to avoid running into an error message at checkout. You can either ask a friend across the border to pay for you, or you can obtain a virtual prepaid card that works with U.S. services, such as StatesCard.

Step Four: Get the App and Log In

Once you successfully create your account, the only thing you have to do is to open the Max service either via a website or a standalone app, log in, and enjoy.

Depending on your device of choice, you’ll be able to find the corresponding application via the platform’s app store. For instance, both Android and iOS have applications you can download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, correspondingly.

Why Use ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is by far one of the best VPN services out there since it has thousands of servers in almost 100 countries worldwide. Best of all, there are almost 30 separate server locations in the U.S. alone—which is what you need when streaming HBO Max.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN has one of the most impressive feature sets found among services of this kind, as it offers much more than IP address masking:

  • VPN split tunnelling
  • Private DNS
  • Network lock kill switch
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Modern, fast, and secure VPN protocols
  • Available for every platform
  • Threat manager to stop trackers and hackers
  • 24/7 live chat support

On top of all of the above, ExpressVPN also comes with unlimited bandwidth and a host of educational features, from an active blog to various how-to tutorials. And if you are worried about your ISP throttling your speed while enjoying HBO Max, ExpressVPN successfully bypasses these restrictions, so you enjoy your favourite shows in peace.

What Other VPNs Can I Use?

If you want to choose another VPN provider, always go for a premium alternative that offers more or less the same features as ExpressVPN. Several such options include Surfshark, NordVPN, CyberGhost, PIA, and PureVPN, all of which offer access to many servers across the U.S. so you can connect to one that comes with the lowest latency.

Bottom Line

As you can see, though you might need to jump through a few hoops, you can still enjoy the hottest HBO Max content in Canada. All you need to do is find a reliable VPN, make use of those virtual prepaid cards, and stream away. This way, you’ll be able to stay in the loop with all of the biggest blockbusters and exclusive originals and never be spoiled again!