How to Watch ‘Friends’ Online in Canada (Or Anywhere in the World)

Many Canadians often wonder how to watch ‘Friends’ online in Canada after Netflix removed it from their catalogue in recent years.

Not to worry, several methods still allow you to enjoy the antics of the most famous group of friends in TV’s history: access Netflix in other regions via VPN, find it on different streaming services, or simply torrent it at the risk of receiving a fine!

Below, we cover all these methods in detail!

How to Watch Friends on Netflix Using a VPN?

The best way to watch every single episode of ‘Friends’ plus ‘Friends: The Reunion’ is to install a quality VPN service with servers in all the countries where Netflix still carries this fantastic comedy show, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

After all, VPNs allow you to alter your IP address, which means you can fool Netflix into thinking you are accessing its content from another country, and in this case, from a region that still offers ‘Friends’, such as the UK or France.

To use a VPN, you only have to follow a few steps. While the ones outlined below apply to ExpressVPN, they are more or less the same for every other VPN service:

Step 1: Choose a VPN Service

Check out the best premium VPN services around, as they come with fast speeds, servers all across the globe and excellent security. One such choice is ExpressVPN, a lightning-fast service with servers in the UK—just what you need!

Step 2: Download and Install the VPN software

After purchasing your subscription or activating the 30-day free trial, simply download and install the corresponding app for the device you use to stream Netflix. Don’t worry about compatibility, as ExpressVPN is available for every platform.

Step 3: Connect to a UK Server

Now, launch the ExpressVPN app to connect to a UK-based location since that’s the closest country that has Netflix with ‘Friends’ in its library. You only have to click the large circular button in the middle of the app, and you’ll appear as if you were there.

Step 4: Access or Launch Netflix

Congratulations on your UK virtual citizenship. The only thing left to do is access Netflix via your preferred method and log in to your account with your existing credentials. You should have access to the entire UK Netflix library at this point.

Step 5: Enjoy Watching Friends

The last steps include making popcorn, lying back on your sofa, searching for Friends in the Netflix search bar, clicking ‘Start’, and preparing to laugh out loud. Just keep your VPN connection active while watching to avoid Netflix’s restrictions.

What’s the Alternative to Netflix for Watching ‘Friends’?

After being removed from Netflix, every season of ‘Friends’, including the reunion episode, was transferred to Crave—a hugely popular Canadian streaming platform offering all kinds of TV shows and movies, including originals, classics, and collections.

You can access the entire Crave library at an affordable $19.99/month subscription ($199.90/year), and you can even test its programming with a 7-day free trial. If you dislike what Crave offers, you can cancel your subscription without paying anything.

Should You Torrent ‘Friends’ in Canada?

Last but not least, you can also utilize the less-than-ethical torrenting method of watching ‘Friends’ in Canada by obtaining a pirated version of the show via a torrent client. However, we do not recommend this option since torrenting is illegal and may prove dangerous for the uninitiated, as many torrent sites hide malware.


Though Friends is no longer available on Netflix Canada, fans can still access it on Netflix in other regions via a VPN service. If you don’t subscribe to a VPN, you can also find all seasons of ‘Friends’ on Crave. The third option, however, is somewhat unethical since it requires you to torrent ‘Friends’, which is illegal in Canada.