15+ Exciting Jobs for 10 Year Olds in Canada

Many kids have an idea of what they want to do when they reach adulthood, but not everyone knows yet. If your little ones are still undecided, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We did some research and found the best jobs for 10-year-olds in Canada. These jobs are perfect for young people who are just starting their careers and want to find something that they love doing. 

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Fun Jobs for 10-Year-Olds

Whether you’re just looking for an easy and fun job for your child or you would like to teach them responsibility from an early age, we have some suggestions. Read along for some creative ideas!

Lawn Mowing

Many neighbourhoods have a bylaw that requires residents to keep their lawns mowed. This creates a great opportunity for enterprising young people to start their own lawn mowing business! Kids can advertise their services online or through word-of-mouth, and then start mowing away! This is one of the best jobs for kids under 13 who love being outdoors and being active.

Handing Out Flyers

Do your children like talking to people? If so, then this job is perfect for them! Many businesses hire kids to hand out flyers in order to promote their products or services. Sign them up today so they can earn some extra pocket money while having fun!

Cleaning the House

Many parents are happy to pay their kids to help with the housework, including vacuuming, dusting, and even doing the laundry. Cleaning and dressing your home is a form of work that many people find pleasurable. This is an excellent job for a 10-year-old who wants to make some money while maintaining a clean and tidy house.

Helping Elderly People

There are many elderly people who need help with everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking, and even bathing. If your kid has a kind heart and a willingness to help others, they can make a real difference in somebody’s life by providing them with the assistance they need.

Paper Route

One of the most popular jobs for 10-year-olds that pay well is a paper route. A child can start as young as ten years old and it’s a great way to earn some extra cash. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air and exercise! To get your child a gig as a paperboy or girl, you’ll need to contact your local newspaper. They will give you a list of houses or businesses that need to be delivered to, and your kids will responsible for delivering the paper each morning. 

Face Painting at Parties

If your child is artistic and likes to paint and party, then a job as a face painter would be ideal! They can work at birthday parties, corporate events, and more. All you need to provide is some face paint and a brush!

Selling Collectibles and Toys

Selling collectibles and toys is another fun way for youngsters to make some extra money. Garage sales, online auctions, and consignment shops are all great places to sell items. Kids can also set up their own businesses by setting up a booth at local fairs or markets.


Baking cookies is among the more creative jobs a 10-year-old can get. You can bake cakes or cookies together at home and then sell them at local events or to your neighbours. If your child has a knack for baking, this could be a great option.


If you live in a city or town, there’s a good chance your municipality has a recycling program. Many of these programs rely on volunteers to help sort and collect recyclables. 

So, if your child is interested in helping the environment, you’ll find plenty of eco-friendly jobs for 10- year-olds to raise awareness and make money. They can learn about different types of recyclables and how to properly sort them. Plus, they’ll get some exercise while they work!

Lemonade Stand

One of the classic summer jobs for a 10-year-old is running a lemonade stand. This is a great opportunity to learn about customer service, marketing, and math as you calculate costs and profits. If you live in a busy neighbourhood or near a park or beach, set up a stand for your kid and watch them have endless fun!

Grocery Shopping Bagger

Many stores in Canada are looking for responsible and hardworking kids to help out as grocery store baggers. As a bagger, children will be responsible for packing customers’ groceries into bags, and sometimes even helping them out to their car. Kids who are outgoing and enjoy working with people would especially enjoy this job.

Car Wash Attendant

One of the most popular and paying jobs for 10-year-olds is working as a car wash attendant. Many car washes will hire children as young as ten to help out with washing and drying cars. 

Pet and Plant Sitting

This is a great option for animal lovers who are also responsible and mature enough to handle the duties of plant and pet sitting. This job usually involves feeding, walking, and exercising pets while their owners are away, as well as watering plants and checking the mail. It’s important to be organized and have good communication skills when taking on this type of job.


Gardening is a perfect job for any nature lover. If your child has a green thumb, they would love to spend their free time looking after plants! Whether they do gardening at the park or just help out at home, entertainment is guaranteed! 

How To Make Money as a Kid Online?

There are tons of ways for kids to make money on the Internet these days. You just need a computer and a stable connection to get started. Here are some great jobs for 10-year-olds who want to make money online:

Start a Blog

If your kids are passionate about something, why not encourage them to share it with the world? You can help your little ones start a blog about pretty much anything, and all you need is a hosting account and a domain name. 

Once you get their blog up and running, they can even start making money by selling advertising space, writing sponsored posts, or adding affiliate links to your blog.

Jobs for 10 Year Olds

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, and there’s no reason why anyone can’t get in on the action. Starting a YouTube channel is just one of the best jobs for 9 to 12-year- olds

You can set up a channel about pretty much anything, and if your child can build up a large enough following, they can start making money through advertising, sponsorships, or even selling your own products.

Do Online Surveys

There are a number of companies that will pay you to take online surveys. This is an easy way to make some extra money, and all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Resell Products on Kijiji

If you have a creative kid with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can set them up with a Kijiji account! You can sell all sorts of things on Kijiji, from paintings and jewelry to clothes and toys. Plus, it’s a great way for children to learn about running their own business.


Cool Jobs For Older Kids

There are many exciting ways for 12, 13, and 14-year-olds to make money in Canada. Here are a few ideas:


Babysitting is a great foundation for teenagers to learn soft skills that will help them in their career life later on. Your child can start by watching kids in your neighbourhood, and then branch out to families that you know. However, be sure to remind them to always follow the safety guidelines.

Dog Walking

One of the best and most popular jobs for 10-year-old girls, as well as older children in Canada, is dog walking. This is a great way to earn some extra pocket money while getting some exercise and fresh air. There are many dog owners in Canada who are looking for responsible dog walkers to take their furry friends out for a walk while they are at work or running errands. If your child love dogs, look no further!

Jobs for 10 Year Olds

Sell Photos

Selling photos is an ideal job for children who are natural behind the camera. You can help them sell their photos online through sites like Shutterstock or iStockphoto. Just upload the images and set a price, and people will purchase them for use in their own projects.

Sell Printed T-Shirts

You can set up a small business selling printed t-shirts with designs that you create yourself, or partner with an existing company that provides this service. This is a great option for kids who are creative and enjoy working with their hands. Older kids can also learn to market their products to potential customers, as well as manage finances and inventory.

Video Editing

This job is perfect for kids who love to be creative and work with technology. If your child is interested in video editing, they can start by helping you edit home movies or create short films with friends. Once they get more experience, they can start freelancing or working for a local production company. Either way, this is one of the better jobs even for a 10-year-old to earn some extra money and learn a new skill.

Sell Fiverr Gigs

Looking for a job that you can do from the comfort of your own home? Fiverr is a great place to start! All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and your kid can start offering services to buyers all over the world.

Helping the Elderly With Their Computers

There are many seniors who need help with their computers. They may not know how to use the internet or email. Furthermore, some may need help setting up their computer, installing programs, or backing up files. As a 10-year-old, you can help them out! You can also show them how to stay safe online and avoid scams.

Become a Tutor

Tutoring is a job that is both fun and rewarding. Not only will your child get to help others learn, but they’ll also get to earn some money in the process. This job can also be beneficial for your child in terms of developing and learning new skills along the way.


Things to Look Out For When Working as a Kid

Canada has different laws with restrictions regarding the minimum working age in the country. The purpose of the laws is to prioritize young people’s education instead of work when they are expected to receive basic knowledge. 

Furthermore, these laws strive to protect young people’s development, as well as health and safety. On a federal level, the Canada Labour Code allows children under 17 to work only in case they aren’t required to school according to their province’s laws, if the job isn’t in a forbidden category, and if it doesn’t put the child’s health and safety in danger.

On another note, keep in mind that even if your kids are still young enough to be your dependents, they might still need to pay taxes. Sometimes, you can add your child’s income to your tax return. In other cases, the child needs to file their own tax return. Whether your child files a tax return or not depends on how much money they earn and where they earn it.

Jobs for 10 Year Olds

Why Should Kids Make Money for Themselves?

There are plenty of benefits of allowing your child to make some money of their own. For one thing, it can teach them the value of a dollar. When they have to work for their money, they may think twice about spending it on something that isn’t a necessity. 

In addition, working can instill a strong work ethic in children from a young age. They will learn the importance of being punctual, completing tasks, and interacting with customers or clients (if applicable). 

Finally, having a job can boost a child’s confidence. They will feel good about being able to contribute to the household and may even take pride in their work. 

Final Thoughts

You’ll find a number of great small and more serious jobs for 10-year-olds in Canada. Nevertheless, it’s important to make sure that the job is age-appropriate and that your child is able to handle the responsibilities. 

In addition, you’ll want to be sure that the job won’t interfere with your child’s schooling or extracurricular activities. With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect job for your child.


How can 10-year-olds make money fast?

There are a few ways that ten-year-olds can make money fast. One way is to offer their services as a tutor or computer help. Another way is to do odd jobs for neighbours, such as yard work or shovelling snow. Finally, kids can also sell items they make or find, such as arts and crafts.

What jobs can I get at age 10?

There are a number of different jobs for 10-year-olds. Some of these include becoming a tutor, helping the elderly with their computers, or working as a babysitter.


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