What Stores Give You Birthday Freebies and Discounts in Canada?

Would you rather spend your birthday collecting rewards, coupons, or freebies from all major Canadian retailers rather than toil away in an office somewhere?

Now’s your chance! We’ve found the best 25 stores that offer thoughtful birthday presents to their customers, and most often, you only have to visit them in person.

Without further ado, here’s how to celebrate your birthday in style!

25 Best Birthday Freebies in Canada in 2023

Many retailers, including Tim Hortons, Dairy Queen, and Starbucks, offer freebies, rewards, or coupons to birthday boys and girls all over the Great White North.

1. Starbucks

If you sign up for Starbucks’ Rewards program, you’ll start earning a variety of freebies and other exclusive benefits, and one of them is a special birthday gift: a free beverage or treat of your choice. However, to get one, you must have been a member for at least a month before your birthday and made at least one Start-earning purchase.

2. Tim Hortons

Like Starbucks, Tim Hortons offers a slew of rewards if and when you sign up for the Tims Rewards program. However, to claim your freebie, you must install the Tims app and create your account a week before your birthday. Then, you will be offered a surprise offer, such as a free drink or free breakfast, which you can claim straight from the app.

3. Baskin-Robbins

What about some free ice cream for your birthday? You only need to sign up for Baskin-Robbins’s Club 31 program. In addition to getting the inside scoop on the company’s latest promotions, you’ll also get a free ice cream scoop of your choice on your birthday. If you want a cake instead, you’ll get a $5 discount towards your purchase.

4. Dairy Queen

Once you get into Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Fan Club, you typically get a welcome coupon, but more than that, you will start receiving a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) coupon each year for your birthday. That said, promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

5. Marble Slab Creamery

If you sign up for Marble Slab’s newsletter 48 hours before your birthday, you’ll be emailed some delicious surprises on your big day. Marble Mail will send you a coupon for a free scoop that you can redeem up to two weeks after your birthday.

6. Jugo Juice

Jugo Juice offers a free large smoothie to customers on their birthdays. The only thing you need to do is sign up for the Jugo Juice Rewards program. You’ll also get a free small smoothie when you first register, and keep on getting cool rewards as you purchase their products.

7. COBS Bread

To be eligible for rewards, you first have to join the COBS Club, which will offer you delicious treats whenever you shop with them. That way, you’ll get a delicious and free cinnamon bun when your birthday comes knocking. However, you must be a member for at least a week and have made at least one purchase in the last 12 months.

8. Denny’s

If you want to start your birthday right, you must visit a Denny’s location to get a free Build Your Own Grand Slam breakfast. You only have to show a valid picture ID and pick the items comprising your breakfast plate—anything from bacon strips to eggs and muffins. Note that you cannot take advantage of this offer as takeout, and you’ll have to dine inside.

9. Chatime

How about you sign up for Chatime’s new rewards program—Chatime Societea—and start earning a bunch of rewards? To do that, you must install the corresponding app at least a week before your birthday. Then, simply visit a Chatime Ontario location and tell the staff it’s your birthday. Once they verify your rewards card, you’ll get a regular-size drink.

10. The Alley

Bubble tea lovers feel right at home in any The Alley location across Canada. But did you know that you can also get a free bubble tea coupon on your birthday? You only have to install the Alley App for Android or iOS to get access to their rewards program.

11. Gong Cha

No one can say no to some brewed happiness available for free on your birthday, right? That’s what Gong Cha—one of the most popular tea brands—offers its loyal customers. To qualify, however, you must sign up for Gong Cha’s Rewards program. Then, a few days before your birthday, you’ll most likely receive a text message offering you a complimentary drink.

12. Mandarin Chinese Buffet

Fans of Chinese cuisine can enjoy a delicious birthday buffet at a Mandarin restaurant if they sign up for the Mandarin Dish e-newsletter at least a day before their birthdays. Then, they will receive an e-coupon to redeem in person a week before or after their birthdays. However, they’ll have to show an ID and bring at least three paying friends.

13. Montana’s BBQ & Bar

Grill lovers are not forgotten on their birthdays, and they definitely get tasty treats, such as the free dessert given out by Montana’s BBQ & Bar to Canucks celebrating the big day. To get this offer, customers have to join the franchise’s Grill Lovers Club and visit a Montana’s location. They’ll also get 10% off on their order if they make a purchase of at least $30.

14. Jungle Jim’s

Are you a fan of Jungle Jim’s delicious pub food? Well, the Maritimes’ favourite pub chain offers its customers several benefits once they join the Jungle Club. For instance, in addition to the Chimi Cheesecake Welcome Bonus, you also get $15 Jungle Bucks that you can add towards a birthday meal each year.

 15. Kelseys Original Roadhouse

Road-trippers love the warm and tasty experience offered by Kelseys to both lone travellers and group parties looking to bond over great food, drinks, and ambiance. Best of all, customers who sign up for the brand’s newsletter get a free spinach dip on sign up, a free dessert on their birthday, and loads of other exclusive offers and freebies.

16. Sephora

Food and drinks aside, how would you like to get a free Sephora product for your birthday? You could choose anything from makeup and fragrance products to skincare gift sets. You must first join Sephora’s Beauty Insider rewards program to take advantage of the offer. After that, you’ll receive a voucher you can redeem either in person or online.

17. Urban Decay

Another huge retailer offering free beauty products to its customers is Urban Decay. First, though, you have to sign up for the brand’s Beauty Junkies club, which offers special rewards, including a birthday freebie. Additionally, you will earn kickbacks on your purchases and get early access to various product launches and events.

18. MAC Cosmetics

Yet another beauty company putting customers first is MAC Cosmetics—it rewards them during their birthdays if they are members of the MAC loyalty program. However, while the first tier (called ‘Lover’) offers double points for purchases during their birthday month, only members of the second (Devoted) and third (Obsessed) tiers will receive a birthday gift.

19. The Body Shop

Do you prefer using The Body Shop’s products instead? If you do, you definitely have to become a member of their Love Your Body Club. That way, you’ll earn points and enjoy exclusive offers and various rewards. For instance, birthday girls and boys get a $10 voucher that they can use on any product sold by the platform.

20. Clarins

The last beauty company we review is Clarins since its extensive loyalty program, Club Clarins, offers several benefits to shoppers. For instance, after opting into the loyalty club, you’ll start earning points with every purchase you make. During your birthday month, the points you get double; after collecting enough, you can spend them on all kinds of rewards.

21. Adidas

If you are a sports freak, Adidas has some treats for you. For instance, once you join the adiClub and reach Level 2, you’ll always have a birthday gift to look forward to on your special day, such as a shoe cleaning kit or various discounts. That said, members also benefit from perks such as free delivery and access to exclusive releases.

22. TD Bank Group

Are you a member of the TD Bank Group? Then you’d know they are one of the best banks in North America as they put the customer first. For example, if you obtain their First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card, you’ll start earning rewards points redeemable for various products and services. Best of all, your birthday contributes up to 10,000 to your total balance.

23. Ardene

Our list wouldn’t be complete without something for the fashion enthusiasts out there. Well, Ardene offers something for everyone, and in addition to multiple discounts, they also reward customers celebrating a birthday. Members of the Ardene Rewards program, for instance, get a birthday discount of 15%–25%, depending on how much they’ve already spent.

24. Laura

Women shopping for clothes at Laura also get access to various benefits if and when they sign up for the Style Rewards program. However, customers must have spent at least $300 in the last 12 months to become eligible. Then, in addition to a minor reward ($15 to $25), they’ll also get free shipping on some orders and exclusive birthday gifts.

25. Ontario Lottery and Gaming

Last but not least, we got something for those feeling lucky enough to win cash prizes by gambling or playing the lottery. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation often entices new customers by offering different birthday bonuses. Nowadays, OLG wishes you a happy birthday by granting you a $20 Casino Bonus, which you can redeem within seven days.

Bottom Line

Canada is a treasure trove of birthday freebies and discounts, with various stores and businesses eager to celebrate your special day. Whether you’re craving a complimentary coffee, a mouthwatering slice of cake, or exclusive discounts on your favourite products, there’s something for everyone. Check out the above generous offerings in anticipation of your big day to make it more special without breaking the bank. Just remember to review the store’s terms and conditions and bring your ID, just in case.