What is an MTO RUS-SO eChannel Charge (and Other Important Charges)

Are you from Ontario?

Have you opened your credit card statement and seen MTO RUS-SO eChannel Downsview ON?

If you’re confused about where it came from and what it means – you’re in the right place.

We’ll explain everything about it and similar deciphered codes regarding credit card charges.

What Is an MTO RUS-SO eChannel Charge?

You know that your credit card transactions appear on your statement, along with the date, place, and the merchant’s name on which your payment was made.

banker pointing What Is an MTO RUS-SO eChannel Charge

So, it’s a red flag when you see a strange charge with odd abbreviations, which you can’t even remember making in the first place.

But that’s not the case now.

The MTO RUS SO eCharge is legit since the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario charges it. Furthermore, this charge was first reported to appear in credit card reports in December 2014.

On the other hand, it’s only reasonable for the Ministry of Transport to have your credit card details. This is because it regulates transportation, from road safety to vehicle registration.

What’s more, you can look at this charge as a reminder note that your driving license is about to expire, or it has already.

Otherwise, think about it. Would you be ready to pay the higher cost if you get a fine for an expired driving license (from $200 to $1.000)?

MTO License Renewal

Province laws in Ontario are pretty straightforward. They state that each driver must renew their existing driver’s license. Bare in mind that you might not be able to renew it in case of a suspension/ cancellation.

Don’t panic – if a year hasn’t passed since the expiration date, you’ll only have to pay a fee for renewal. If there’s more than a year to it, you’ll have to take the vision test, at least.

That said, renewing your driving license is only $90 – this cost refers to 5 years. And, if the renewal isn’t for a full five years, there will be a different cost.

The best and most convenient is that the entire process can be done online. Though, not everyone is eligible to use the online service for driving license renewal.

These are the conditions to be eligible for an online driving license renewal:

  • Own a full G/ M/ GM license – that hasn’t been suspended/ cancelled.
  • Haven’t changed your address in the previous 90 days.
  • Don’t need to take any tests.
  • You don’t suffer from medical conditions that interfere with your driving ability.
  • There aren’t any outstanding penalties/ fines under your name.

Attention: Those with combo class licenses (G1M/ G2M/ GM1/ GM2) must know that only the full portion is eligible for online renewal.

Once you pass these, enter your driving licence’s number, postal code, and the 7-digit number from the back of your license. After you submit all the information, you’ll get your renewed driving license through the mail in four to six weeks.

You’ll have to personally go to the closest Ontario Service Centre to apply for a renewal in special circumstances. For example, if your driver’s license was invalid for over a year before March 1, 2020, you won’t be able to renew it online.

What is a CPC SCP Charge?

CPC/SCP stands for ‘Canada Post Corporation/Société Canadienne des Postes.’ In fact, this is the merchant category (MCC), of the Canadian Post Corporation.

When you notice the CPC SCP eCommerce Ottawa (CPC/SCP) charge on your credit card, recall any recent payments you’ve made in one of the 6.200+ postal offices across Canada.

Following CPC SCP Canada’s standards and regulations, this code doesn’t show up only when sending something. It can also appear when you receive a big package or something similar.

These are the Canada Post Corporation’s basic services:

  • Transaction of mail services (sending/ receiving);
  • Direct marketing services for small companies;
  • Post office banking services;
  • Government and money services;
  • E-commerce;
  • Domestic parcel service;
  • Stamps and coins for collectors.
  • These are only some of the services the Canada Post Corporation offers its clients. Let’s see what other charges exist.

What Are The iATS LLC Charges?

iATS LLC (International Automated Transaction Services) is a payments processing platform founded over two decades ago. It specializes in working with nonprofits and catering to their needs.

Nonprofit organizations have different ways of working and collecting funds for a noble cause.

That said,  iATS Payments was designed to allow nonprofits to accept and transfer funds more easily. This is done by minimizing high conversion rates and transfers from various accounts in different places around the globe.

Their online form allows nonprofit organizations to quickly receive donations, especially those made via online donation forms. Moreover, they accept various payment methods (major credit/ debit cards, ACH, and international transactions).

In a nutshell, this payment processing tool is used to simplify the donation process by collecting diverse donation types. Additionally, nonprofits feel secure knowing iATS ensures all donations/ transactions arrive in the single account of the nonprofit organization.

Thus, if you see these charges on your credit card statement, think about the last time you clicked the ‘donate’ button.

You may find this article relevant: What is a Purchase Interest Charge?

Other Important Charges in Canada

From the mentioned above, it’s clear that the main confusion is what certain charges on your credit card statement in Canada mean. And, we found out these charges are due to the existence of merchant category codes.

Furthermore, these abbreviations are usually given to government bodies or international companies when doing business in Canada.

So, we decided to present you with a detailed table to better understand these “unfamiliar” transactions/charges – and spare you from thinking it’s data/account breach.

Have a look at it.

Merchant Abbreviation Full Merchant Description
(A – C)
AGF MTF AGF Mutual Funds
AGR/AGR Agriculture/Stabilization Payment
AHC Alberta Health Care
AIP/RAA Automobile Insurance Plan
ANN/REN Annuity
AP/CC Accounts Payable
APY/PAA Auto Payment
AQUA FINANCE LOAN Water softener products etc.
ARCH TRANSCO Taxi company with portable internet access
BCF BC Ferry
BCLC BC Lottery Corporation
BDP* Business Development Program of Canada
BDP* BC Student Loan
BIPI Brownstone Investment Planning Inc. (CIMC)
BLC/LBC MSP Banque Laurentian Du Canada/ Laurentian Bank
BPI Balance Protection Insurance
BPY/FAC Bill Payment (Phone, Hydro, Cable, Fuel, Utility)
BUS/ENT Business Pre-Authorized Payment
*<Customer’s First and Last Name>* MSP Transaction from Paypal where a previous debit attempt was unsuccessful
C*<Any 5 digits after the C>* Shell Gas Station
CA Credit Application (1-888-283-1055)
Canada FED Energy Rebates from the Government of Canada
Canada FPT Government Deposit
Canada GSL Canada Government Student Loan
Canada LP_v Cogeco Cable
Canada PRO Working Parent Family Bonus
Canada RIT Return Income Tax/Tax Return Refund
CBC Canadian Bonded Credit (1-866-830-7434)
CCQ/CHP Customer Cheques
CDC/CCL Canadian Dairy Commission
C.D.T.C INC MSP Visa Desjardin
CFS/PFC Canadian Forces Superannuation
CHQ #00000 W/ AMOUNT 41.73 Curves for Women fitness club
CM 888-505-5426 BUS ‘Cash Money’ store
CMS/GES Cash Management
CNT/ITV Cannot Trace
COT Cotis Frequency Contributor (Edward Jones)
CPC/SCP Canada Post Corporation
CPP/RPC Canadian Pension Plan
CRS Cutter Recovery Services 1-866-483-5024 x2237
CSB/OEC CSB Interest
CSC Fee Curzon’s Management Associates Inc.
CSLP GSL National Student Loan Services Center
CSP Canada Savings Bond
CST Canadian Scholarship Trust
CT2 CMS Pay Day Loan Store
CTC/CIE Child Tax Credit
CTFA CT Financial Assurance (TD Insurance,)
CVS Cheque Verification System
(D – L)
DEB/DEF Institution in Default
DEC/DEC Payor/Payee Deceased
DEML Atco Gas/Direct Energy
DERS BPY or MSP Direct Energy Regulated Services
DCSERVICESCANADA Daimler Chrysler of Canada
DFS ASS Desjardines Fin. Secur
DIV/DVD Dividend (Common or Preferred)
DON/DON Donations
DTE/DTE Post/Stale Dated
EAA/AAE Employment Assistance Allowance
eCHK InstaDebit
EI/AE Employment Insurance
EJ Fee/Fraise MSP Edward Jones Investment Company
EPMTX Payroll Taxes
EXP/RDD Expense Payment
FA/AF Family Allowances
FED/FED Federal Government
FEE/FRA Fees/Dues
FMEP BC MSP Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (Child Support)
FPT Combined Federal and Provincial Tax
FSP/ROF Family Support Plan
F.S.S.T  CST Worker’s Compensation (in Quebec)
F.S.S.T  CST Pay Day Loan Store
GAINSTPS MSP Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income System
G.E.T.F MSP/REP Global Education Trust Fund
GLS/ETU Government Student Loans
GS Canada Green Line Service Canada
GST/TPS Goods and Services Tax
HAC Hamilton Auto Corp.
HCFI Honda Canada Finance
HDC/SDR Health/Dental Claim Insurance
HHL – PIA MSP Halifax Herald newspaper
HRD/DRH HRDC – Training
HSG/LOG Housing Allowance
IA-PAC MSP An RESP company
IAP/PAI Internet Access Payment
ICM MSP Pay Day Loan Store
INS LOC Line of Credit Insurance (1-888-983-7070)
INS/ASS Insurance (Life, Auto Property, Mortgage, Casualty)
INT/INT Interest
INV/PLA Investment
ISB/PSR Income Security Benefits
KCI CMS King Cash Investments CMS
L&M(BLOOR)MSP Long & McQuade Ltd (Bloor)
LAF L.A. Fitness
LNS/PRE Loans (Personal, Farm, Home, Term Insurance)
LPP/PDL Lottery Prize Payment
(M – S)
MBFSCC Mercedes Benz Financial
MFC McKenzie Funds Corp (Mutual Fund)
MFC (Followed by digits) Manulife Financial Benefits Deposit
MFC TDAET10201 MSP Manufacturers Life Insurance (Health Spending Account Claims)
MFQ Quebec Child Tax Credit
MFQ/SAE Ministry of Finance (Quebec EI)
ML CMS Maple Leaf Loans
MOGO Money on the Go (Calgary)-Similar to Money Mart
MRQ Ministre Revenue de Québec
MSP/DIV Misc Payments
MTF/FMU Mutual Funds
MTG/HYP Mortgage (Residential, Commercial, Farm)
MTO RUS-SO ECHANNEL Ontario Ministry of Transportation
MTO RUS ECHANNEL Ontario Ministry of Transportation
NCB (UCFS) National City Bank (UCFS)
NCO DIN SER MSP collections agency
NCO FIN SER APEX Item – Could be a charge from a third party
NOR.CAN.EVAN.MI MSP Charity Deposit
NSLSC National Student Loan Services Centre
OAS/SV Old Age Security
OF/IA Offences and Fines
OLG Ontario Lottery and Gamin
ON *Online Old Navy
ON MSP Honda Canada Finance
PAY/PAY Payroll Deposit
PC # _____ – Price Chopper stores
PC Mastercard President’s Choice Mastercard
PDL Pay Day Lenders
PEN/PEN Federal Provincial or Private Pension
PFB/PFA Provincial Family Benefits
PFC Fee Premier Fitness Club
PFS Primerica Financial Services
PHC Provincial Housing Corporation
PHC/FAM Provincial Health Care Premium
PLAN ADMIN FEE / TDWIS FEE TD Waterhouse Annual Fee
PPSA Personal Property Security Assurance
PRO/PRO Provincial Government
PSC Premiere Fitness
PSC Fee Premiere Health Club
PSS/PFP Public Service Superannuation
RCL CHEQUE FEE Royal Credit Line Cheque Fee
RCSS Real Canadian Superstore
REP/REE RESP Contribution
RIF/FRR Retirement Income Fund
RIT Return Income Tax/Tax Return Refund
RLS/LOY Rent (Residential, Commercial, Equipment, Automobile)
RPM MSP Honda Canada Finance
RSC Regency Sports Club
RSP/RER RSP Contribution
SCU MSP Servus Credit Union Ltd.
Social Development Canada Collection Agency for the government of Canada
SPL Loan Scotia Bank Loan (SCOTIA PLAN)
SRP/RDC Spousal RSP Contribution
(T – Z)
TDSB Toronto District School Board
The Cash Store Payroll Loan
THS Toronto Humane Society
TM CANADA INC Ticket Master
TMSL VR Trilogy Management Services
TOR HYD ELECT Toronto Hydro
TXD/DIM Debt CCRA Government of Canada
UCFS National City Bank
USC University Scholarships of Canada (RESP)
VA/AAC War Veteran’s Allowance
WBP/CE Water Bill Payment
WCB/CST Worker’s Compensation Board
WSPA World Society Prevention Animals
WU *<confirmation #>* Western Union
YIG Your Independent Grocer

*The table was taken from TD Bank’s official site.

Note: If any of the listed abbreviations don’t match what you’ve received on your credit card statement – it’s time to alert your bank and let them look into your recent purchases.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, not all abbreviations in your credit card statement are alarming.

There are numerous important charges in Canada, and we’ve listed all, though explaining just a few. Moreover, you’ll no longer be confused about the MTO RUS-SO eChannel charge and where it comes from.

In such a developed community of international AND digital transactions and payments, these abbreviations/codes help ease the transactions.

So, next time you’re worried about an uncertain purchase or a shady merchant appearing on your report – don’t be. Instead, return to this article and check our list of transaction abbreviations.


What does MTO RUS stand for?

This abbreviation is the merchant category code assigned to the Ministry of Transport in Ontario – Road User Safety.

Is MTO RUS-SO eChannel a Scam?

It might sound like a fraudulent transaction, but it isn’t. This is an actual charge for upcoming driving license renewal for citizens of Ontario.


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